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David & Layla in Italy this friday - Jalal Jonroy's
message to the festival Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

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"I have problems with the borders" / an
interview with Bahman Ghobadi by Michael

Siba Films is looking for:

- a young woman, from 20 to 30, who could
speak Kurdish and French, or at least
- a man from 60 to 70, who speaks Kurdish
- Kurdish actors or who seems to be.

Send your cv and photographs to Paying job.
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    What is on?

    David & Layla will be
    screened at Berlin
    International Film

David and Layla in
American cinemas

Paris Kurdish Film
What is on?
KurdishCinema has
another address:

Script award from

Turtles Can Fly wins
Two Awards in

My Marlon and
Brando (Gitmek) is
at New York Tribeca
Film Festival

Ghobadi's film in
Bahrain Human
Rights Film Festival

David Tolhildan
banned in
Singapore film fest

Call from
Manchester Kurdish
Film Festival (MKFF’

Celebrate Newroz  
with Shiva Rose at
David & Layla
premiere in San

Kurdish films at 37.
International Film

Film about Kurdish
female PKK leader
Nuriye Kesbir

Half Moon in
Melbourne Australia

Great success of
Half Moon in Spain

Amsterdam Film
eXperience 2007 is
now accepting

Call for
submissions to  2nd
Iraqi Short Film

Ghobadi will work
with Bernardo

Release of Hallf
Moon around the

Half Moon won AI
awards in Portugal

Call for 5th London
Kurdish Film Festival

Bahman ghobadi as
a Jury in the 55th
San Sebastian Film

Bahman Ghobadi
and Jose Saramago
in Spain

David & Layla at
American Cinemas

Call for Yılmaz
Güney Short Film

Screening of David
& Laylat at Verona
Film Festival

Musikliebe, new
documentary of Yusuf

Scandal at the 6th
International Film

Ghobadi has been
banned of shooting
films in Iran!

Sharon Stone
praises Bahman

A Kurdish director:
Shewket Amin Korki

5th London Kurdish
Film Festival will
kick off

Director Hiwa

A new Kurdish film
'Parinawa La

Screening of `David
the Tholhildan` in

Screning of
"Crossing the Dust"

Diary of the 5th
London Kurdish
Film Festival

Hollywood to make
movie about Kurdish
leader Mustafa

Sî û Ba is the best

Paris Kurdish Film
Festival was

Ghobadi in the list of
top 100 filmmakers

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Other Articles
Casting for a Kurdish film

We are looking for following actors and supporting
roles for a Kurdish feature film. If you are interested
please send us your recent photo and CV until 20th
of September. Below our contact details.
September 12, 2009 >>>
Chaplin of the Mountains

Principle photography has been completed on
Jano Rosebiani’s new film, "Chaplin of the
Mountains" in Southern Kurdistan. Starring a
collection of actors from Los Angeles, New York,
Vancouver and Berlin, “Chaplin…” is the first
English language film to be shot in the region.
September 12, 2009
The first New York Kurdish Film Festival

The First New York Kurdish Film Festival: A
Cinema Across Borders is the first-ever film
festival of Kurdish cinema in the United States.
Bringing together an exciting range of films and
documentaries from across the Kurdish region
and the Kurdish diaspora, the festival will feature
ten short films, a documentary and eight feature
films, including the US premiere of The Storm by
Kazım Öz (Ax, Fotograf).
>>> October 9, 2009
Min Dit won Youth Award at 57th San
Sebastian Film Festival

Kurdish director Miraz Bezar won GAZTEA de la
Juventud (GAZTEA Youth Award) with his first
feature film "Min Dit / The Children of Diyarbekir"
at the 57th San Sebastian International Film
>>> October 9, 2009
'Welcome' a new controversial film by
Philippe Lioret

'Welcome’ focuses on the abandoned
immigrants trapped on the shores of Calais,
telling the story of a 17-year-old Kurdish boy
named Bilal who is attempting to travel to
England to see his love.
>>> October 9, 2009
Kurdish director, stuck between Iraq and Iran

BAHMAN GHOBADI first came to the movie world’s
attention in 2000, when his “Time for Drunken
Horses” won the prize for best first feature at the
Cannes Film Festival.
>>> November 1 2009
Cinema Regarding Nations: Re-imagining
Armenian, Kurdish, and Palestinian national
identity in film / By Tim Kennedy *

An old man begins to narrate the fable of Mem, ‘a
handsome young man’, and Zîn, ‘the beautiful
sister of a great emir’.  The scene changes to a
lively, colourful, market where Mem and his friend
Tajdîn meet Zîn and her sister Siti.  The couples
promptly fall in love – denoted by an exchange of
rings – before the women disappear into their
>>> November 5 2009
Jiyar Gol reporting for BBC World Service.  November 25, 2009
Yilmaz Güney and Kurdish identity / by Tim
Kennedy * Part 2

Güney was phenomenally successful in his early
career, appearing as a virile “action hero” in a
large-number of low-budget Yeşilçam films in the
1950s and 1960s.1  Regarded as ‘the most
popular actor in Turkish film history’ (Ilal, 1987:
124), he was able to use his popularity to embark
on a second career as film-maker, beginning with
his collaboration with Akad in 1964.2  Only after
1982, when he escaped from prison in Turkey
and renounced his Turkish citizenship, was it
possible for him openly to acknowledge his
Kurdish origins and reveal his support for the
Kurdish movement for autonomy (Kutschera,
1983).  However, we can see how Güney
progressively articulates aspects of Kurdish
identity in three films from his most important
period, Umut (1970), Sürü (1978), and Yol (1982).

January 27, 2010
A new film from Kurdish director Mano Khalil:
Our Garden of Eden

Kurdish director Mano Khalil has completed his
last feature film, runs for 97 minutes, Our Garden
of Eden.

The film presents everyday life in an allotment
garden that mirrors the mosaic-like pattern of
contemporary multiethnic and multicultural Swiss
>>> March 8, 2010
Dersim’s missing girls break their
silence after 72 years

The documentary titled ‘Two Locks of Hair: The
Missing Girls of Dersim,’ which sheds light on the
painful incidents of the 1938 Dersim Operation,
four 80-year-old women tell of the trauma they
experienced during the tragedy. The film will be
shown during the International Istanbul Film
Festival next month. Concomitant with an
increasing questioning of Turkey’s official history,
a new documentary on the women who were lost
following the 1938 Dersim Operation seeks
to illuminate a dark period in Turkish history.  
March 23, 2010
The Last Season Shawaks

Kazim Öz travels with pastoral Shawaks from
Dersim villages to Dersim mountains when
spring starts with heavy rain. The journey that
ends at the zeniths of mountains starts again in
autumn after long working days during the hot
summer in the highlands. Shawaks get on the
road to return their village this time. After weeks of
travelling with herds, Shawaks reach their village
and the cycle begins from the start. Stating an
aesthetic and creative sentence about human,
nature, and labor, The Last Season: Shawaks
invites the viewer to an unusual journey.
>>> May
12, 2010

Director Karabey to tell story of
Kurdish village

Director Hüseyin Karabey, who has been
selected at the 63. International Cannes Film
Festival with his film project ‘Sesime Gel' (Come
to my voice), is adapting a real story in Kurdistan
in 1980’s into a film. Karabey was selected by the
‘Cinefondation-Atelier’ of the festival with his film
project. There was no Turkish or Kurdish film at
this year edition of the French festival.
>>> May
31. 2010
Camp Unity will be shown at Montreal
World Film Festival

CAMP UNITY is a new documentary film about an
arts program for youth in Iraqi Kurdistan that will
have its international premiere at the 2010
Montreal World Film Festival in September.
This documentary, Camp Unity, is an
award-winning documentary feature about a
diverse group of Iraqi students who unite through
hip-hop, jazz, orchestra, and Broadway at an
American arts academy in Iraqi Kurdistan.
>>> August 22, 2010
The Fictive Archive: Kurdish Filmmaking
in Turkey *

Özgür Çiçek, Binghamton University, USA

This paper examines the potentials and theoretical
interpretations of minority filmmaking through the
particular case of Kurdish cinema produced in
Turkey. Kurdish cinema, categorised as such since
the 2000s, is an international cinema that emerges
from multiple geographic spaces, although it is
concentrated in countries with Kurdish populations,
such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and
European countries such as England, Germany,
Sweden and Norway. In this paper, I focus on
Kurdish filmmaking produced specifically in Turkey
and evaluate the dynamics...
>>> November 18,

Kurdish Travels With the Tramp *

‘Chaplin of the Mountains’ Follows Iraqi Roads
Less Taken


A charmingly shaggy road trip with clear political
undertones, “Chaplin of the Mountains” winds its
way across the Iraqi Kurdistan region,
using silent movies to give voice to the
troubles of a war-battered people.
>>> March 14