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A diversity of films at the 4th London Kurdish Film Festival

Kurdistan is a land that does not exist on any maps, but remains
important in the lives of many nonetheless. As for the Kurdish cinema, it is
still a nascent entity, which tries to represent a culture and a place which
Kurds wish to call Kurdistan.

Young talents at the 4th Kurdish Film Festival

Young Kurdish talents who were born in Europe write, produce and direct
their own short films with great skills, simplicity in term of structure and
important story elements told in a basic narrative which is clear to the

Successful launch of the 4th Kurdish Film Festival in London

The 4th Kurdish Film Festival started in London with screening of “Half
Moon” by Director Bahman Ghobadi - the winner of the Saint Sebastian
Golden Shell.
>>> (December 9/2007)

A deeper insight into the Kurdish-Jewish romantic comedy David and

Cinema is magic! The French call it the Seventh Art. It is the most powerful
and accessible media. It is the Seventh Wonder! Without losing one drop
of blood, Guney and Ghobadi’s films probably have done, as much for
World’s awareness of Kurdistan, as have all Kurdish revolutions for a
>>> (December 5 2007)

4th Berlin Kurdish Film Festival

The 4th Berlin Kurdish Film Festival will take place in Berlin between 10-
17 December 2006 and the films will be shown at Babylon and Eiszeit
>>> (December 4 2007)

London Kurdish Film Festival will kick of at 08 December 2006

The organising committee for the Kurdish Film Festival is delighted to
welcome you to the 4th London Kurdish Film Festival. It features a varied
programme of over sixty films: fiction, documentary, animation, features
and shorts.
>>> (December 4 2007)