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What is on? - June 2007
An exiled director's representation of his
own people, Kurds / by Devrim Kilic

    Saleem’s portrayal
    of Kurdish people
    in Long Live the
    Bride is to some
extent problematic.   >>> 2 May 2007
Positive reception for Half Moon at Tribeca

    Half Moon was screened at the  
    Tribeca Film Festival in the  
    competition section and excited a  
    positive reaction of theaudience.
    >>> May 7 2007

Half Moon won Amnesty International award in

Half Moon won its 5th award at the 4th
IndieLisboa International Film Festival which
took place from 19th to 29th of April in Portugal.

May 7 2007

David & Layla in American cinemas!

    David & Layla, will hit the
    American cinemas soon! David &
    Layla will be shown at 8 different
    cinemas throughout USA
    starting on 20 of June 2007. >>>
    2 May 2007
David & Layla in Italy this friday - Jalal
Jonroy's message to the festival

    I was a kid in the mountains of
    Kurdistan when I first read
    Romeo & Juliet in English.  >>>
    3 May 2007 April 2007

Why write? / by Jalal Jonroy

    Whatever you see with your
    imagination, whatever you feel
    and create with your heart is art.
    We write to heighten our
    awareness of life…we write to
    taste life twice, in the moment
    and in introspection… >>> 21
    April 2007
Waiting for the rain / A Kurdish love story / by
Kawa Akrawi & Huseyin Umaysiz

    Waiting For The Rain, is a pure
    Kurdish love story, taking place
    in the heart of Kurdistan, Hawler.
    The film with its dynamic
    characters and cinematic vision,
    will capture the heart of most
    people at all age. >>> April 11,
Silence tells often much more than words /
interview with Hiner Saleem

    "To us Kurds music is like
    nourishment which is necessary
    both with birth and death. DOL
    means ‘drum/drums’ in Kurdish,
    but has also another meaning. It
    can also mean ‘valley’. Thus
    DOL refers to the musical life in
    a hilly country." >>> April 10, 2007

The first film about Kurds, Zeré is 80 years
old / by Rohat Alakom

    The first film that takes the Kurds
    as a subject matter is the film
    titled Zeré, shot in 1926 in
    Armenia. Shot by a famous
    Armenian director Hamo
    Beknazaryan (1892-1965) who
    is accepted as the founder of the
    Armenian cinema, the film Zeré
    takes place in Kurdish villages
    of Armenia. >>>  April 7, 2007
Half Moon / by Kirk Honeycutt

    It is a landscape of haunting,
    magical imagery, tragic fates,
    absurdist comedy and deliriously
    emotional characters. >>>  April 7,

Suspension of Disbelief / by Jalal Jonroy

    Theater and film experience need
    audience's friendly participation
    including the “Suspension of
    Disbelief.”   >>>  April 1, 2007

    Javier Corcuera's The Back of the
    World is an understatedly
    observed indelible, and
    provocative examination of the
    inextricable social cycle of poverty,
    exploitation, disenfranchisement,
    and disposability. >>>  April 1,
Other Articles
Half Moon wins at Tribeca

    Half Moon received the Honorable  
    Mention for the Screenplay by  
    Bahman Ghobadi at Tribeca Film  
    Festival in New York.  >>> 14 May  
    2007 May 2007

Bahman Ghobadi: The Poetics of Politics
by Felix Koch

    In a constant struggle with the
    difficult circumstances in his
    home country, Iran, Ghobadi is
    a restless man, driven to
    document and portray the fate of
    the Kurds... >>> 16 May 2007 May 2007
Free screening of 'Blackboards' by KSSO

    KSSO is presenting free screening
    of award winning Iranian director
    Samira Makhmalbaf’s
    "Blackboards" in London. >>>  May
    23 2007
Half Moon in Australia

    Bahman Ghobadi's latest film
    'Half Moon' will be screened at
    the 54th Sydney Film Festival in
    Australia on 13th of June. >>>
    10 June 2007
Latest News
Reading a screenplay / by Jalal Jonroy

1. To simulate a movie experience, read a
screenplay -like seeing a film or a play- in one
go, at worst within the same day. Otherwise
momentum and impact would be lost. You
wouldn't enjoy a movie or a play, if you had to
see it in bits spread over a few days! Read it
fast and it should only take around 2 to 3
hours- about a minute a page.  
>>> 12 June
2007 42 Acacia St Glenroy. Post Code: 3046 - Melbourne - Victoria - Australia Tel: 613-93061667

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Ghobadi will work with Bernardo Bertollucci

Bahman Ghobadi will work as an honorary
assistant of "Bernardo Bertolucci" in his new
project Bernardo Bertolucci, one of the best
Italian directors and creator of the great
movies such as  "The Last Emperor", "Little
Buddha" etc.
>>> 24 June 2007