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What is on? - May 2007
An exiled director's
representation of his own
people, Kurds / by Devrim Kilic

    Saleem’s portrayal
    of Kurdish people
    in Long Live the
    Bride is to some
extent problematic.   >>> 2 May
Positive reception for Half Moon at Tribeca

    Half Moon was screened at the  
    Tribeca Film Festival in the  
    competition section and excited a  
    positive reaction of theaudience.
    >>> May 7 2007

Half Moon won Amnesty International award in

Half Moon won its 5th award at the 4th
IndieLisboa International Film Festival which
took place from 19th to 29th of April in Portugal.

May 7 2007

David & Layla in American cinemas!

    David & Layla, will hit the
    American cinemas soon! David &
    Layla will be shown at 8 different
    cinemas throughout USA
    starting on 20 of June 2007. >>>
    2 May 2007 April 2007

Half Moon at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Festival

    Half Moon will compete with other
    films at the 6th Tribeca Film
    Festival.  >>> 29 April 2007

David & Layla will be screened in Verona Film

    Jalal Jonroy’s film “David & Layla”
    will be screened in 11th Verona
    Schermi d'Amore (Love Screen)
    Film Festival.  >>> 25 April 2007

Watch more Kurdish Films!

    You can watch clips of four more
    Kurdish films: Beritan, Peace for
    Middle East, Delalo and Turtles
    Can Fly at our site. The full version
    of Delalo, a short Kurdish film is
    availabe here! >>> 20 April 200

Dol in German cinemas   

    Hiner Saleem’s last feature film
    will be released from 26th of April
    2007 in the city of Köln, Hamburg,
    Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt,
    Heidelberg, Wuppertal and
    Freiburg of Germany . >>> April 18

The First Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival will
kick off!

The first Paris Kurdish Film Festival

Watch documentaries about Kurds!

    Extracts of documentaries about
    Kurds from different directors for
    you to watch. 'E`en rapport over
    Koerden' is a Dutch documentary
    made in 1980 that is about the
Kurdish struggle against Khomeini's regime.
Good Kurds Bad Kurds' is a documentary made
by an American  journalist Kevin McKiernan in
2000. '
Those who Face Death - Kurdistan's
' is short documentary made by
ChristianPayne. And a
German documentary
about the Y
ezidi Kurds in Armenia. You can
watch full version of two documentaries by
following the links provided.
>>> 15 April 2007

Watch Kurdish films here!

    Now you can some watch Kurdish
    films at
    Mem u Zin, Vodka Lemon, Jiyan
    and Turtles Can Fly are the films
    that you can enjoy watching now.
    Please note only some part of the
    films is available. >>> April 7, 2007

Half Moon will be screened in Portugal, USA
and Germany
David & Layla in Italy this friday -
Jalal Jonroy's message to the

    I was a kid in the
    mountains of
    Kurdistan when I
    first read Romeo
    & Juliet in
    English.  >>> 3
    May 2007
Why write? / by Jalal Jonroy

    Whatever you see with your
    imagination, whatever you feel
    and create with your heart is
    art. We write to heighten our
    awareness of life…we write to
    taste life twice, in the moment
    and in introspection… >>> 21
    April 2007
Waiting for the rain / A Kurdish love story / by
Kawa Akrawi & Huseyin Umaysiz

    Waiting For The Rain, is a pure
    Kurdish love story, taking place
    in the heart of Kurdistan,
    Hawler. The film with its
    dynamic characters and
    cinematic vision, will capture the
    heart of most people at all age.
    >>> April 11, 2007
Silence tells often much more than words /
interview with Hiner Saleem

    "To us Kurds music is like
    nourishment which is necessary
    both with birth and death. DOL
    means ‘drum/drums’ in Kurdish,
    but has also another meaning. It
    can also mean ‘valley’. Thus
    DOL refers to the musical life in
    a hilly country." >>> April 10, 2007

The first film about Kurds, Zeré is 80 years
old / by Rohat Alakom

    The first film that takes the Kurds
    as a subject matter is the film
    titled Zeré, shot in 1926 in
    Armenia. Shot by a famous
    Armenian director Hamo
    Beknazaryan (1892-1965) who
    is accepted as the founder of the
    Armenian cinema, the film Zeré
    takes place in Kurdish villages
    of Armenia. >>>  April 7, 2007
Half Moon / by Kirk Honeycutt

    It is a landscape of haunting,
    magical imagery, tragic fates,
    absurdist comedy and deliriously
    emotional characters. >>>  April 7,

Suspension of Disbelief / by Jalal Jonroy

    Theater and film experience need
    audience's friendly participation
    including the “Suspension of
    Disbelief.”   >>>  April 1, 2007

    Javier Corcuera's The Back of the
    World is an understatedly
    observed indelible, and
    provocative examination of the
    inextricable social cycle of poverty,
    exploitation, disenfranchisement,
    and disposability. >>>  April 1,
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Latest News
Half Moon wins at Tribeca

    Half Moon received the Honorable  
    Mention for the Screenplay by  
    Bahman Ghobadi at Tribeca Film  
    Festival in New York.  >>> 14 May  
Bahman Ghobadi: The Poetics of Politics
by Felix Koch (an interview with the director)

In a constant struggle with the difficult
circumstances in his home country, Iran,
Ghobadi is a restless man, driven to document
and portray the fate of the Kurds in Iran as well
as in Iraq and to lend his voice to those who do
not have the chance to be heard.
>>> 16 May
Free screening of 'Blackboards' by KSSO

Kurdish Studies & Students Organization is
presenting free screening of award winning
young Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf’s
"Blackboards" in London. The screening of
film will take place on Thursday,31st of May
in 2007 at 19:00, Room L67-SOAS University.
>>>  May 23 2007