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What is on? - May 2008
An exiled director's representation of his own
people, Kurds / by Devrim Kilic

    Saleem’s portrayal of Kurdish
    people in Long Live the Bride is to
    some extent problematic.   >>> 2
    May 2007
David & Layla in Italy this friday - Jalal Jonroy's
message to the festival

    I was a kid in the mountains of
    Kurdistan when I first read
    Romeo & Juliet in English.  >>> 3
    May 2007
Silence tells often much more than words /
interview with Hiner Saleem

    "To us Kurds music is like
    nourishment which is necessary
    both with birth and death. DOL
    means ‘drum/drums’ in Kurdish,
    but has also another meaning. It
    can also mean ‘valley’. Thus
    DOL refers to the musical life in
    a hilly country." >>> April 10, 2007

The first film about Kurds, Zeré is 80 years
old / by Rohat Alakom

    The first film that takes the Kurds
    as a subject matter is the film
    titled Zeré, shot in 1926 in
    Armenia. Shot by a famous
    Armenian director Hamo
    Beknazaryan (1892-1965) who
    is accepted as the founder of the
    Armenian cinema, the film Zeré
    takes place in Kurdish villages
    of Armenia. >>>  April 7, 2007
Other Articles May 2007

Bahman Ghobadi: The Poetics of Politics
by Felix Koch

    In a constant struggle with the
    difficult circumstances in his
    home country, Iran, Ghobadi is a
    restless man, driven to document
    and portray the fate of the Kurds...
    >>> 16 May 2007
Latest News
Reading a screenplay / by Jalal Jonroy

    1. To simulate a movie
    experience, read a screenplay -
    like seeing a film or a play- in one
    go, at worst within the same day.  
    >>> 12 June 2007 Melbourne - Victoria - Australia

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David and Layla: A love story /  by Matthew

    The media has enormous power
    to break down stereotypes and
    open up new ways of regarding
    “the other.”  >>> 8 July 2007
My big, fat, Jewish-Kurdish wedding? / by Tom

    Nice Jewish boy in Brooklyn
    dumps domineering Jewish
    fiancée when he falls for lovely
    Kurdish Muslim girl.  >>> 22 July
"I have problems with the borders" / an
interview with Bahman Ghobadi by Michael

    The eyes of Bahman Ghobadi are
    filled with mirthful light. He is a
    small man but a few sentences
    into our interview made me... >>>
    5th of August 2007
Bahman Ghobadi discusses his new feature,
"Half Moon" / By Jim Quilty

    Iranian Kurdish filmmaker
    Bahman Ghobadi discusses his
    new feature, "Half Moon,"  >>> 9
    October 2007
Call for Yılmaz Güney Short Film Competition

    The competition is organised by
    London Kurdish Film festival in
    memory of the great Kurdish
    director Yılmaz Güney. >>>
    October 9 2007
Screening of `David the Tholhildan` in London

    Mano Khalil's documentary `David
    the Tholdildan `will be screened in
    London on Monday 5th of
    November.... >>> November 3
Sharon Stone praises Bahman Ghobadi

    Famous Hollywood star Sharon
    Stone praised Kurdish director
    Bahman Ghobadi after watching
    Turtles Can Fly. >>> November 3
Gutsy Jewish-Kurdish romance goes after
more than laughs
/ by Jeff Shannon

    It takes guts to mention U.S.
    abandonment of exiled Kurds (as
    when Layla tells David "we got
    saved from Saddam by the
    same...  >>> November 3 2007
Paris Kurdish Film Festival was successful

    The first edition of Kurdish Film
    Festival in Paris took place from
    24 to 30 October 2007 at the Film
    Latin Quarter in Paris 5th. >>> 13
    November 2007
Q&A with Bahman Ghobadi for Passion for
Cinema / by, Kavita Kasturi *

    Q: How different are your films
    from the rest of the Iranian Films?
    In their making and their content?
    >>> November 27, 2007
5th London Kurdish Film Festival will kick off

    The organising committee of the
    Kurdish Film Festival is delighted
    to welcome you to the 5th London
    Kurdish Film Festival. The final
preparations >>> 29 November 2007
Screning of "Crossing the Dust" by KSSO

    Kurdish director Shawkat Amin
    Korki's latest feature film
    "Crossing the Dust" will be
    screened  >>> 12 December 2007
Director Hiwa Aminnejad

    Hiwa Aminnejad was born in 1973
    in Baneh, Kurdistan, Iran from a
    Kurdish middle class family. He
    obtained a diploma in ...  >>> 18
    December 2007
Self-distribution key to getting 'David & Layla' in
s / by Martin A. Grove

    What's harder to do is taking on
    the bigger challenges of self-
    distribution as Jay Jonroy is doing
    with his political romantic comedy
    ...  >>> December 20, 2007
5th Kurdish Film Festival in London / by Bestun

    Most of the films were not very
    good. From an artistic point of
    view, they could not have been
    said to be art for art’s sake; most
    were... >>> December 28, 2007
Kurdish School of Cinema at Salahaddin

    The Kurdish School of Cinema
    (KSC) at the College of Fine
    Arts/Salahaddin University is the
    first film school ever in Kurdistan
    and is...  >>> December 28, 2007
Musikliebe, new documentary of Yusuf Yesiloz

    Kurdish director Yusuf Yesiloz has
    completed his new documentary,
    Musikliebe (Love of Music), which
    will be premiered at the >>>
    January 8 2007
Film about  female PKK leader Nuriye Kesbir

    Dutch producer Annegriet
    Wietsma's latest documentary
    "Sozdar, She Who Lives Her
    Promise" tells the life of a Kurdish
    woman... >>> January 12, 2008
An interview with Hisham Zaman on Bawke by
Richard Raskin

    Bawke was actually an idea for a
    longer film, with more action and
    more characters in a broader
    universe.  >>> 24 January 2008
KurdishCinema has two new addresses: and
Kurdish films at 37. Rotterdam International Film

    Four Kurdish shorts films and two
    feature Turkish films about Kurds
    will be shown at 37. Rotterdam
    International... >>> January 25,
Aristotle's seven golden rules of story telling
by Jalal Jonroy

    How many films nowadays have
    lasting, worthwhile ideas relevant
    to our world, lives, troubles,
    nightmares, dreams, hopes,
    loves...  >>> February 4, 2008
Half Moon takes cynical approach toward
Turkey / By Elif Tunca *

    The Turkish military and police
    receive their fair share of criticism
    from Ghobadi's latest feature-
    length movie, "Niwemang"  >>>  
    February 22, 2008
Film feast / by James M. Wall

I liked Narcissus Blossom; The film is a gritty,
realistic portrait of the U.S. role in the betrayal of
the Kurdish people's desire for independence.

March 5, 2008
Celebrate Newroz  with Shiva Rose at David &
Layla premiere in San Francisco

    Celebrate Newroz with Shiva Rose
    at David & Layla premiere, San
    Francisco. 7:00 PM Saturday March
    8 at Sundance Cinemas,
>>> March 8, 2008
Call from Manchester Kurdish Film Festival

    The Manchester Kurdish Film
    Festival, returns in September for
    seven intensive days of
    screenings... >>> March 19. 2008
David Tolhildan banned in Singapore film fest

    Kurdish director Mano Khalil's
    documentary "David the
    Tholhildan" is banned at
    Singapore's  film festival.   >>>
    April 11 2008
My Marlon and Brando (Gitmek) is at New York
Tribeca Film Festival

    Director Huseyin Karabey's film
    "My Marlon and Brando" (Gitmek),
    is being shown at New York
    Tribeca Film Festival. >>> April 28,
Ghobadi's film in Bahrain Human Rights Film

    "Turtles Can Fly" will be screened
    at the Bahrain Human Rights
    International Film Festival on May
    2, 2008. Ghobadi will be attending
    to the festival. >>> April 28, 2008
Turtles Can Fly wins Two Awards in Bahrain

Bahman Ghobadi's film "Turltes Can Fly' won
two awards at the Bahrain Human Rights
International Film Festival. The film was
screened on May 2, and has now won 42
awards to date.
>>> May 6, 2008