Camp Unity will be shown at Montreal World Film Festival

KurdishCinema - August 22, 2010

CAMP UNITY is a new documentary film about an arts
program for youth in Iraqi Kurdistan that will have its
international premiere at the 2010 Montreal World Film
Festival in September.

This documentary, Camp Unity, is an award-winning
documentary feature about a diverse group of Iraqi
students who unite through hip-hop, jazz, orchestra, and
Broadway at an American arts academy in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Arabs and Kurds, Christians and Muslims, Americans and
Iraqis, everyone must work together to prepare for the big
show. Along the way, cultures collide, egos clash, dreams
come true, and the viewer is offered a candid and revealing
look at the troubles and triumphs of this life-changing event.

Filmed in the homes, classrooms, dormitories, and
ancient cities of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, CAMP UNITY is a
surprisingly intimate documentary that celebrates the ability
of personal experiences to bridge cultural divides. Looking
beyond the sensational and violent images of Iraq
commonly used by international medias, the film stands
as a reminder that reaching an understanding begins with
a conversation, a smile, or perhaps even a hip hop song...

In early September, CAMP UNITY will screen in the “Documentaries of the World” section of the
2010 Montreal World Film Festival. Screening dates and locations will be made available on the
festival’s website in the upcoming weeks:

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact
the director at his email address below;

Ryan White
Director/Producer/Editor - CAMP UNITY

ph: +66(0)870273931

Watch the CAMP UNITY teaser:
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