‘Can Baz’ at cinemas in Germany

KurdishCinema.com - Melbourne - 11/09.06

    “Can Baz”, meaning “the one who plays with his life”, a
    striking documentary of the young-woman Kurdish director
    Ozay Sahin will be shown at cinemas in Germany from 2nd
    November 2006.

    The documentary mainly tells the tragedy of a Kurdish boy
    who is addictive to paint thinner. “Can Baz”, which is a very
remarkable and realist documentary centered around  two Kurdish musicians Dede Murat
and Hemo Ahmet – two brothers, and the 16 years old Hasan who smells thinner all day.

The two brothers are the musicians of Siya Siyabend music group that makes music
mainly for the children who lives in the street of Istanbul. What is extraordinary is the
relationship between two Kurdish musicians and the 16 years old Kurdish boy Hasan.
This relationship is remarkably captured and reflected in the documentary.

Dede Murat and Hemo Ahmet are originally
from the city of Dersim and years ago they
had moved to Istanbul in order to seek
tertiary education. However they end up
being street musicians and they are also
the friends of the director Ozay Sahin in real
life. The documentary turns its focus to the
city of Dersim at certain points hence
creating another dramatic dimension for the
life of three Kurdish boys living in Istanbul.

‘Can Baz’ will be also shown in Koln and
Hamburg Kurdish film festivals taking place
in October and November. Ozay Sahin was
born in the city of Dersim in Northern
Kurdistan and currently lives in Germany.

Can Baz credits:

Year: 2004-2005

Write-Producer-Director: Ozay Sahin
Hasan and Ozay Sahin
Camera: Micah Magee

Editing: Ozay Sahin, Silace Amaro and Andi Widmer.

Music: Grub Siya Siyabend, Ali Citak and Baris Doganay

Format: Mini DV

Language: Turkish, Kurdish (Zazaki) with English, German and Spanish subtitle

Duration: 75 minutes