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David & Layla released
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5th London Kurdish
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Celebrate Newroz  with Shiva Rose at David & Layla premiere in San Francisco

KurdishCinema.com - 25 January 2008

Celebrate Newroz with Shiva Rose at David & Layla premiere,
San Francisco. 7:00 PM Saturday March 8 at Sundance Cinemas,
sponsored by Beyond Persia & Shabeh Jomeh.  

Hollywood star Shiva Rose will participate at Newroz celebrations
for the premiere of the critically-acclaimed David & Layla in which
she plays the lead character Layla. Film opens on Friday March 7
Sundance Cinemas/Kabuki, with five daily screenings.

Sponsored by Beyond Persia and Shabeh Jomeh- SJ, Shiva
Rose and Jalal Jonroy (film's writer/director) will be attending a
special Norouz screening at 7:00 PM on Saturday March 8 at
Sundance Cinemas, with post-screening Q&A and after party at
Sundance Bistro Bar for Ticket holders.

Shiva Rose is currently the most consistently praised Iranian and
Middle Eastern actress working in Hollywood. "Excellent" praise
is showered on Shiva Rose in 100% of over 20 reviews- from New York Times, Variety &
Washington Post to major city papers: "excellent", "star-making", "excels", "breakthrough
performance", "outstanding", "winningly charismatic",  "effortlessly sexy", "gracefully luminous" ,
"boasts classic beauty, stoic dignity"...    

    David & Layla is hailed by Nobel Laureate, Oscar nominee
    London Playwright Harold Pinter as"A bold, politically
    relevant film against impossible odds."

    Tickets are only $13.50 and seating is limited. Advance
    Tickets at Sundance Cinemas Tel  415  929 4650 Or at:

    Sundance Cinemas/Kabuki: 1881 Post Street (Btwn
    Fillmore & Webster streets) San Francisco, CA 94115.

    This non-pc independent film will play for as long as lots of
    Iranians, Jews, Armenians, Middle Easterns and their
    American friends go to see this film, especially during the
    first and succeeding weekends. Otherwise, it will quickly
    be replaced by better-supported films.

Five daily screenings showtimes & tickets: www.sundancecinemas.com
Film Trailer, Film Clips and Reviews: David & Layla   www.DavidandLayla.com

Source: www.payvand.com