Kurdish short film 'Delalo' is available online!  

    'DELALO' a short film shot in 2005 by Kurdish
    director Beri Shalmashi is now available
    online at Google Video. It is said that the
    film's DVD will be available soon.

    February 4-2007

                                                                                                Beri Shalmashi

'Delalo' is directed by Beri Shalmashi, Holland 2006 / 10m / Kurdish (Sorani) and Dutch
with English subtitles.

The film is a portrait of a Kurdish refugee, Azad, who now lives in Holland. He has escaped
the oppression of his homeland but is still haunted by memories of it. Can he finally move
on? Original music: Naser Rezazi and Shahram Nazeri. (updated: 29 April 2007()

Watch Delalo here!