KurdishCinema - 15 April  2011

Film festivals are the modern faces of cities. Around the world and in Turkey many cities endeavour
to host film festivals, and greatly benefit from such organizations. Most of the festivals are known
with their city in Turkey: Antalya Golden Orange, Adana Golden Boll, Ankara International Film
Festival, Malatya International Film Festival, Festival on Wheels in cities such as Kars and Artvin...
These festivals not only enrich the social and cultural life for the local community but also connect
local partners and film production with significant aspects of international cinemas.

As a field of art and sector as well as a medium that (re)presents diverse expressions of social life,
cinema’s affect on crowds is indisputable. This phenomenon has to be well evaluated in a wide
perspective in the case of Diyarbakır, the center of Kurdish population in southeastern Turkey.
Diyarbakır Cinema Club was founded in affiliation with Diyarbakır Art Center in 2003. DSK has been
organizing Diyarbakır Film Days with a focus on short film for the last four years that culminated in
the organization of the 1st International Kurdish Film Conference in 2009. Additionally, film
screenings and cinema activities organized by Diyarbakır Municipality and the establishment of
independent film theatre hall, Avrupa Theatre, contributed to the development of a rich film culture in
the city. The releases of films from different countries with the help of many cooperations and
initiatives such as Ankara International FF, English Short Film Days, French Spring and German
Short Film Days, and activities like Student Films Festival, Filmmor Women Films Festival followed.
With wide attendance of cinephiles from Diyarbakır and neighboring cities, these organizations
also presented filmmaking workshops, and provided the opportunity for intellectual and artistic
expression for young filmgoers and filmmakers. Thousands of people watched films, attended
panels and Q&A sessions, and many experienced first steps of filmmaking in a collective

5th Diyarbakır Film Days, the only regular and consistent cinema organization of Diyarbakır will be
held this year between 19-22 May 2011, once again with the collaboration of Diyarbakır Cinema
Club and Diyarbakır Art Center. Diyarbakır Film Days aims to bring together cinephiles from
Diyarbakır and the region with successful short film selections, and amateur and professional
Kurdish filmmakers from Turkey, the region and diaspora. With a particular focus on independent
filmmaking, collaboration and collective experience, 5th Diyarbakır Film Days strives for creating a
space where alternate and original ways of filmmaking, exhibiton and distribution are discussed
and encouraged in the midst of a restricted mainstream film sector.

Expanding its network of local supporters as well as national, regional and international
collaborations, 5th Diyarbakır Film Days’ 2011 edition, once again welcomes spring with the
embracing, uniting and collaborative language of art and culture by fostering dialogue among
amateur and professional participants. The program will consist of not only outstanding short film
selections from other festivals but also particular Kurdish films’ premier releases in Turkey.
Diyarbakır Cinema Club’s selection of films sent to the open call will be one of the important
sections of the program that will also be enriched by workshops and panels with the contribution of
young, successful Kurdish filmmakers, professional producers and film critics. By this way, 5th
Diyarbakır Film Days is aspiring to create a longlasting communication and collaboration between
the local film lovers and national/international film initiatives for future projects that will also benefit
from the intellectual cinema atmosphere of Diyarbakır.

We invite everybody to watch films, think films and discuss films in Diyarbakır!

Diyarbakır Cinema Club


Diyarbakır Film Days will be holding its fifth edition in Diyarbakır, Turkey between 19-22 May 2011
and is welcoming short films from Kurdish filmmakers in Turkey and the neighboring countries!

Diyarbakır Film Days has been organized by Diyarbakır Cinema Club in cooperation with Diyarbakır
Art Center for the last four years and it is so far the oldest and the only regular short film festival in
the region. With the support of artists and institutions that are actively working in the field of cinema,
5th Diyarbakır Film Days will be emphasizing independent filmmaking and collective sharing of
experience among young filmmakers as in the past years. The program enriched by workshops
and Q&A sessions, will consist of short films that have received awards and critical attention in
latest festivals around Turkey, as well as Kurdish short films that will be screened for the first time
in Diyarbakır.

The most significant section of the program of 5th Diyarbakır Film Days will be Diyarbakır Cinema
Club’s selection from the sum of short films produced in Turkey and the region. We would like to
invite you to apply for this selection with your fiction, documentary, animation or experimental
(amateur and professional) short films. Please send the DVD copies of your films produced in the
last two years to the address below with Turkish or English subtitles with the application form. We
hope to see your film in our festival program!

Diyarbakır Cinema Club

For further information: diyarbakirsinemakulubu@gmail.com

Contact Information:


Gülsen Odabaşı

Diyarbakır Sanat Merkezi

Kurt İsmail Paşa 2. Sokak Güneş Plaza No:18 Kat:6 Da:14

Yenişehir 21100 Diyarbakır


Diyarbakır Art Center: +90 412 228 94 00

Gülsen Odabaşı: +90 533 428 04 30 (5th Diyarbakır Film Days Coordinator)

Abdullah Yaşa: +90 532 558 33 01 (5th Diyarbakır Film Days Coordinator)

E-mail: diyarbakirsinemakulubu@gmail.com


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