Watch ‘Dol’ at 57th Berlinale

    Hiner Saleem’s last feature film will be shown
    four times at 57th Berlinale International Film
    Festival which took place from 8 to 15
    February 2007. There will be more than 300
    films at the festival and Saleem’s Dol will be
    shown at different cinemas. The time of Dol’s
    screenings are as follows:

14 February Wednesday: 20.00 - Cine Star
15 February Thursday:    22.15 - Cubix 9
16 February Friday:        15.30 - Arsenal 1
17 February Saturday:     16.30 - Delphi Filmpalast

In Dol the leading role are played by Nazmi Kirik, Belçim Bilgin, Rojin Ülker, Ömer
Ciaw Sin and Tarik Akreyi. ( February 2007)