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    “Kurdish cinema is like a pregnant woman. One must help her to give birth.” (Bahman Ghobadi)

    There are lots of films dealing with Kurds in one way or another, though not all of them in Kurdish

    Films by Kurdish directors:

    Masoud Arif Salih & Hussein Hassan Ali


    Directors: Masoud Arif Salih & Hussein Hassan Ali
    Cast: Hussein Hassan Ali, Masoud Arif Salih, Bakir Kovli, Beybun, Mohammed A. Artishi, Ismail
    Zuber, Hakar Mohsin, Shahin Kivork South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2005 / 80m / Kurdish (Kurmanji) with
    English subtitles / 15

    Iraq in the 1970s. Saddam Hussein signs the Algerian agreement with Shah of Iran and military
    pressure on the Kurds is increasing. Saddam targets the autonomous Kurdish region where Jagar,
    a young Kurdish student is taking part in protests. When his friends are arrested, tortured and killed,
    he decides to join the Kurdish pesmargha forces opposed to the Iraqi military

    Sarbast Rasol

    TODAY – TOMORROW (Îro – Sibe)

    Director: Sarbast Rasol
    Cast: Vlademir Maisuradze, Inna Karolyova, Mstojan Mamed, Ruben Muradian
    Russia 2002 / 73m / Kurdish & Russian with English subtitles/15

    The story of a young Kurdish family's desperate attempt to travel to Europe through Russia and the
    strain it brings on the couple's relationship. The family wait in Russia for a forged passport in order
    to travel to Europe but will the people smugglers keep their word?

    Hawrey Mustafa

    WHIRLPOOL (Gejaw)

    Director: Hawrey Mustafa
    Cast: Shwan Atof, Tavga Mohamed, Shadman Aziz
    Kurdistan / 80m / Kurdish with no subtitles / 15

    Based on a true event that took place in February 1997 as retold by one of the survivors. The perilous
    journey of Kurdish emigrants on a ship going to Europe.

    Yilmaz Arslan


    Director: Yilmaz Arslan
    Cast: Valentina Christova-Katina, Jean-Luc Ristic, Cécile Navarro, Mai Seck, Yusuf Geçtan. Germany
    2005 / 96m / German, Kurdish and Turkish with English subtitles / 15

    Ibo and Azad, two young Kurdish refugees recently arrived in Germany, quickly experience the
    harshness of their new life. Their encounter with a gang of Turks leads them inevitably into a tragic
    spiral of death and revenge. FRATRICIDE is an explosive tale of desperate conflict and bloody
    revenge, a savage, furious, and heartbreaking portrait of raw humanity struggling for safety, for
    dignity, for survival in the face of violence, exile and the brutal indifference of a society that simply
    ignores them.

    Akram Sulayman


    Director: Akram Sulayman
    Cast: Shamaly Abarash, Shadan Fouad, Lava Akram Sulayman, Ko van der Van. Holland 2004 / 90m
    / Kurdish (Sorani), English and Dutch with English subtitles / 15

    The story of a refugee family from Iraqi Kurdistan and their life in the Netherlands as they wait for the
    outcome of their asylum application. The family has no status in the Netherlands and are forced to
    live in a small village where they are the first refugees. They are happy with their home but the
    villagers are less happy about their arrival…

    Lauand Omar


    Director: Lauand Omar
    Cast : Ozzie Aziz, Aware Xan, Fuad Kamo. South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2005 / 85m / Kurdish (Sorani) with
    English subtitles / 15

    A small village in Iraqi Kurdistan. Bekhal is a young woman who wants to make something of her life.
    Of course, her parents have their own plans for their daughter. They don't see the point of her going
    to university when there is work to do at home, and she is also expected to marry her cousin Shwan.
    Bekhal may protest but she is truly trapped. Now is the time for her to make a decision.

    Made Omed

    EXORCISM (Rawe Jinoke)

    Director: Mahdi Omed
    Cast: Tariq Akreyi, Omar Chawsheen, Hawjin Sardar, Haval Hamajwan
    Produced by Cultural Ministry in Arbil (Cinema Section)
    Kurdistan 1993 / 80m / Kurdish with English subtitles / 15

    In 1991, Saddam launched a major attack on the Kurdish cities in response to the Kurdish uprising,
    and thousands of Kurds fled to the mountains and the borders in fear of another chemical attack.
    This was the last major battle between Saddam's regime and the Kurds. The film focuses on an
    elderly man, Qudret Agha, who loses his daughter, Maryam, in the flight and enlists the help of a
    young man, Jwamer to find her. Jwamer extracts a promise from Qudret Agha, that if they if find
    Maryam, he will claim her as his wife. But after a long search, they find Maryam in one of the refugee
    camps, by which time she already has a lover, so she refuses to marry Jwamer, and that's when the
    troubles starts.


    Director: Made Omed
    Cast: Produced by Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Culture South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2006 /
    75m / Kurdish and Arabic with English subtitles / 15

    Pirdawd Kerkuki and his wife who have lived in their house for 20 years, are made homeless when a
    high ranking Arab military officer takes over their home during the Ba’ath occupation of Kirkuk. When
    the town is liberated, the owners and invaders share a tense night together in the house, in which
    the psychological and moral dimensions and choices thrown up by their situation come to a thrilling

    Nizamettin Aric


    Director: Nizamettin Aric
    Cast: Nizamettin Aric, Bezara Arsen, Lusika Hesen
    Germany 1992 / 110m / Kurdish with English Subtitles

    Nizamettin Aric made his directorial debut and also starred in the film, one of the first in Kurdish.
    Beko begins his long pilgrimage, in search of his brother, in Kurdish areas of Turkey, where he
    escapes arrest. Fleeing into Syria, this modern-day Odysseus then makes his way into the serenely
    beautiful highlands of the Kurdish areas of Iraq. Here, in a nomadic community caring for refugee
    children, Beko finds himself and a homeland.

    Jamil Rostami


    Director: Jamil Rostami
    Cast: Shadi Variani, Mohayeddin Variani, Masoud Yousefi, Abdullah Ahmadi, Jalil Mohammad Veysi,
    Delnia Farajpour, Anvar Farajpour. South Kurdistan (Iraq) 2005 / 90m / Kurdish (Sorani) with English
    subtitles / 15

    In an ancient village perched on the side of mountains at the Iraq-Iran border, traditional life and
    contemporary change intersect. After the children chant a poetic plea for rain, a long drought ends
    and a new season of hope is promised. But not for teenager Rojan engaged to Jian who is working
    abroad to earn money for their marriage. Rojan's father, nearly bankrupted by the drought, can't wait.
    Rojan must marry elderly but wealthy local entrepreneur Faegh. A devious salesman, Saeed, takes
    advantage of the rebellious Rojan who soon once again finds herself having to escape from an even
    more unacceptable situation. Rostami's dark fable features a non-professional cast with an
    oustanding performance by Shadi Veryani as Rojan.

    Yuksel Yavuz


    Director: Yüksel Yavuz
    Cast: Cagdas Bozkurt, Leroy Delmar, Nazmi Kirik, Necmettin Cobanoglu, Susanna Rozkosny, Sunay
    Germany 2002 / 98m / German & Turkish with English subtitles / 15

    Set in Hamburg's immigrant district of Altona, Yüksel Yavuz's second feature film (after APRIL
    CHILDREN) tells the story of a friendship between two young men. Baran is a Kurd whose relatives
    have helped him to come to Germany after the death of his parents. He survives by running errands
    for a Turkish fast-food restaurant, which take him from the finest apartments to the lowest clip joints,
    but his application for asylum is rejected just before his sixteenth birthday. When Baran encounters
    Chernor, an illegal and stateless immigrant, his life gains impetus. But while Chernor tries to finance
    his future by drug dealing, Baran's past catches up with him.

    Nuray Sahin

    FOLLOW THE FEATHER! (Perre Dima So!)

    Director: Nuray Sahin
    Cast: Pegah Ferydoni, Neza Selbuz, Dilek Serindag
    Germany 2004 / 80m German & Kurdish-Zazaki with
    English subtitles

    Young Helin is brought up by her father in Turkey. The night
    before he dies her father gives Helin a white feather to
    guide her and asks her to search for her mother and sister
    who went to Germany a long time ago. With the white
    feather she starts her journey to Germany and finds her mother and her sister in Berlin. Seeing each
    other again means that the past can be cleared and the search for a common future can begin. But
    Helin's journey is not yet finished. The feather appears in her dreams and takes her to strange
    places where an unknown young man appears again and again...

    Jaleel Zangana


    Director: Jaleel Zangana
    Cast: Jaheed Dillpak, Abdul Hama Jwan, Marina Shamdinani, Jaleel Zangana
    Kurdistan 2003 / 82m / Kurdish with no subtitles / 15
    Based on a real-life Kurdish warrior, this film explores one man's fight against an oppressive
    regime. Mama Rasha is a legendary figure in Kurdistan and his exploits are still talked about today.
    This action packed film explores his fight against the Iraqi regime and its policies.


    Director: Jaleel Zangana
    Cast: Mustafa Ahmad, Zhyan Ibrahim,
    Barzan Qala Khalluz, Nawal Saeed
    Kurdistan 1998 / 80m / Kurdish with English subtitles / 15

    This film explores the life of Khola Piza who was a farmer in Kurdistan and is still a legendary figure
    today. When shortly after the Second World War, government forces came to his village and started
    making life difficult for the villagers, he chose to resist, and left for the mountains with a band of
    followers. His fight against the government of Iraq continued until his death in 1952.

    Araz Rashid


    Director: Araz Rashid
    Cast: Parosh Muharam, Vian Azad, Mostafa Ahmad
    Sweden 1999 / 80m
    Sorani with English subtitles.

    A young veterinarian tries to help a wounded boy who has been shot by the Iraqi police as he tries to
    draw a swastika on Saddam Hussein's poster. They flee from the city to the liberated area. The
    veterinarian falls in love with the local mayor. This starts a conflict with her family. The conflict goes
    on until the Iraqi Army attacks the village.

    Ravin Asaf


    Director: Ravin Asaf
    Cast: Sandra Steffl, Hogar Tanya, Hama Ali Chan, Nur Surer
    Germany 2002 / 85m / Kurdish with English subtitles

    Thirteen year old "Devil" Pascha and his gang are always creating chaos in their village. No one
    escapes his cheeky pranks, be they the Mullah of the village, his mother or his sister. One day a
    German soprano singer visits the village to write her doctoral thesis. All the men of the village,
    including the feudal lord Ali Aga and the Mullah dream of marrying this golden haired angel. This
    gives "Devil" Pascha an opportunity to create even more mischief.

    Umit Elci


    Director: Umit Elci
    Cast: Meltem Doganay, Halil Ergun, Musa Anter, Fusun Demirel
    Turkey 1991 / 90m / Turkish with English subtitles

    During Kurdish New Year, Newroz, two brothers and two sisters go to the celebrations. Mem and Zin
    fall in love and exchange rings without ever knowing whether they will meet again. This story of two
    tragically separated lovers is also an allegory for the tragic fate of the Kurds, separated and denied.

    Ibrahim Selman


    Director: Ibrahim Selman
    Cast: Abdulkadir Yousif, Walid Hadji, Halima Sadik, Umet Ali. Bangin Abdulkadir, Said Ali
    Netherlands / 92mins / 1994 / Kurdish with English subtitles

    Conceived in Kurdistan, written in Holland and filmed in Greece, A SILENT TRAVELLER tells the
    story of life in a Kurdish village in South Kurdistan (Iraq), where the endless war between official
    forces and those fighting for a free Kurdistan leads to divided loyalties, killing and grief, even within

    Anwar Sindi

    BEFORE DAWN (Berî Roj Hile)

    Director: Anwar Sindi
    Cast: Nezar Mama, Birgul Balmer, Parisa Yakobi
    Denmark 2003 / 87m / Kurdish with English subtitles / 15

    Before Dawn follows the life of a young man and his sister through their adult lives under the rule of
    Saddam and his policy of Kurdish genocide. Events - Anfal, the 1988 Halabja Chemical attack and
    other atrocities including the control of everyday life - are seen from the level of personal experience,
    to create a moving and thought-provoking portrait that is more immediate than any documentary.

    M. Sait Alpaslan

    DELICATE PAIN (Jana Zirav)

    Director: M.Sait Alpaslan
    Cast: Devran Öncel, M.Sait Alpaslan
    Turkey 2004 / 62m / Kurdish with Turkish subtitles / 15

    This film is about Semse Alak who was stoned to death by her family after she was raped. The film is
    about honour killings and strongly criticises traditions

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