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David & Layla released
in USA from 20th of July

5th London Kurdish
Film Festival
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My Marlon and Brando
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Bahman Ghobadi is at
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David Tolhildan banned
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Call from Manchester
Kurdish Film Festival

Celebrate Newroz  with
Shiva Rose at David &
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Kurdish films at 37.
Rotterdam International
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Film about Kurdish
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Nuriye Kesbir

Musikliebe, new
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Kurdish School of

Kurdish director Hiwa

Screening of "Crossing
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5th London Kurdish
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Paris Kurdish FIlm
Festival was successful

David the Tholhildan in

Yilmaz Guney Short
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Call for 5th London
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Kurdish director
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Ghobadi is a jury in San
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Amsterdam Film

Second Iraqi short film

Half Moon in Melbourne

Great success of Half
Moon in Spain

Bahman Ghobadi in

Half Moon in London,
France and Germany

Premiere of David &
Layla in Beverly Hills

Ghobadi will work with

Free screening of

David & Layla in Verona-
Italy-Jalal Jonroy's
message to the festival

David & Layla at
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Half Moon at Tribeca
Film Festival

Screening of David &
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The First Hamburg
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The Fist Paris Kurdish
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Half Moon in Portugal,
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Melbourne Kurdish Film
Festival finalized

Ghobadi hospitilized!

Bahman Ghobadi to Participate in the First International Human Rights Film Festival in the
Arab Region

KurdishCinema.com - 28 April  2008

"Turtles Can Fly" will be screened
at the Bahrain Human Rights
International Film Festival on
2, 2008
. The opening day of the
festival will be
April 30th and will
run until May 4th
. Bahman
Ghobadi will be attending and
participating in the festival. At the
moment he is in Baghdad
preparing for his upcoming

This year the festival will be
honoring Mahatma Ghandi in
order to promote his principles
and philosophy in the Middle East. According to the BHRIFF website (www.bhriff.com), the
festival is "a not-for-profit cultural event dedicated to introduce and promote films related to
human rights in the region. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate the cinema related to human
rights and offer a link between the international filmmakers, directors and producers…"

The Ministry of Social Development and the Bahrain Society for Public Freedom and Support for
Democracy are organizing the first international human rights film festival to be hosted in an
Arab country. It was organized in order to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. Organizers believe that this festival is a big accomplishment for
the furthering of human rights in the region. The celebration also coincides with Labor Day and
the International Day for Press Freedom. "Turtles Can Fly," "Paradise Now," "Iraq in Fragments"
and "It's a Free World" are among the 20 films to be screened at the festival.

In other news, Bahman Ghobadi
was invited to participate as part of
the Official Jury for the Festroia
International Film Festival.
Unfortunately, Ghobadi was forced
to turn down the offer because he is
busy preparing for his upcoming
film, which he will begin shooting in
the fall. The Festroia Festival will r
un from June 6 – 15 in Setubal,

Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi

For more information about BHRIFF please visit www.bhriff.com