Bahman Ghobadi hospitalized - By Vladimir van Wilgenburg - 3/19/2007     

The famous Kurdish director and actor from eastern Kurdistan, Bahman Ghobadi, has been
hospitalized in Teheran and his health situation is critical. This was reported by Tiskh TV and

It’s known that his illness first appeared in the film festival in Adelaide in Australia, which was held
there some weeks ago. The following three days he was hospitalized due to a “brain attack” and a
inner bleeding in the skull.

After his return to Iran, Bahman Ghobadi was once more hospitalized, but without any new
diagnosis of his illness.

Half Moon invited in Hong Kong

    Bahman Ghobadi participated with his movie Half Moon in the
    Adelaide film festival in March 2007. His movie will also be screened
    at 31. Hong Kong International Film Festival on 31st March and 2nd
    of April of 2007 in the "Authors" section of the festival along with other
    11 films from different countries.

Bahman Ghobadi was born on February 1, 1969 in Baneh, East-Kurdistan.

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