Bahman Ghobadi in the list of 100 top filmmakers

KurdishCinema - 15/10/2006

Bahman Ghobadi has been chosen as one of the top 100
filmmakers whose name will inlarbe printed in a book titled
‘Cinema Now’; a book with 600-pages, full-colour and
photo-intensive survey on the works and themes of 100 top
filmmakers working around the world right now.

Ghobadi’s name will be appearing in the book along with
the names of some famous directors such as Spanish
Pedro Almodovar, and Olivier Assayas, Atom Egoyan, Alejandro Gonzales, Robert
Rodriguez, Lars Von Trier, Darren Aronofsky, Neil Jordan, Guy Maddin, Christopher Nolan,
Gus Van Sant and many others from around the world.

Cinema Now which will be published in January 2007 will be accompanied by a DVD
containing movie trailers, interviews and making of documentaries.

"Daf" in Docusur International Film Festival

    On the other hand, the short documentary like film "Daf" by
    Bahman Ghobadi has been invited to Docusur International
    Film Festival in the competition section. The festival will be
    held from 22 October to 29, Canary IslandSpain. After winning
    Golden Shell in Spain for his latest film "Half Moon" Bahman
    Ghobadi has left Spain to
Iceland for participate in Reykjavik festival.

The short film ‘Daf’ portrays the life of a Kurdish family whose survival depends upon
making a musical instrument called ‘Daf’ out of sheep skin. Living in a small village located
near Iran-Iraq border, the family sells the ‘Daf’, the musical instruments, in the cities so they
can survive. The ceremonies for making such an instrument are very interesting and bizarre,
at the same time. Faegh, with his two wives and 11 children, lives in absolute poverty yet the
family accepts trainees (especially children) coming from among poor families and train
them night in order to learn to play Daf.

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