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Censorship from Culture Ministry; 'Turkish girl cannot fall in love with a Kurdish boy!'

KurdishCinema.com - November 6  2008

Turkish Culture Ministry’s censorship cast its shadow on
‘Culturescapes-Türkei’ festival. Swiss Tages Anzeiger
daily reported that the ministry which contributed 400
thousand Euros demanded the removal of Hüseyin
Karabey’s prize winner film ‘Leaving’. Festival director
accepted that but confessed to the paper that he regretted.
Festival director Cooiman said “I should not have taken a
step back but I tried to save the festival, there would have
been no festival without the 400 thousand Euros from

It has been reported that an official from the ministry
İbrahim Yazar wanted the film to be removed from the
festival since the film told the story of a Turkish girl falling
in love with an Northern Iraqi man.

Turkish festival marred by censorship claims

Alleged Turkish interference in a culture festival in
Switzerland results in the removal of a movie and five
articles written by leading journalists from the printed program. "I shouldn't have followed the
pressure but the pressure was so strong," says the director of CultureScapes

Claims of a censorship attempt by Turkey on a movie featuring a love affair between a Turkish
woman and a Kurdish man from northern Iraq have overshadowed the Swiss festival

The artistic director of the festival said yesterday that the movie "Gitmek" was taken out of the
printed program after a threat from the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

"The Culture Ministry threatened to withdraw money if the movie was not removed from the
program. And they did it very offensively," Jurriaan Cooiman told the Hürriyet Daily News in a
telephone interview.

Starring Turkey as "guest of honor" this year, the annual festival's 800,000 euro budget is
equally financed by the Turkish and Swiss governments. Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry
contributes 200,000 euros, with Turkey's other half coming from the Promotion Agency of the
Prime Ministry.

Cooiman said he contacted İbrahim Yazar in the Culture Ministry shortly before the festival
began Nov. 1 but faced Yazar's objection.

"Terrorism is a very sensitive issue in Turkey at the moment. Soldiers are losing lives on the
border with Iraq. The Turkish public doesn't want to see their government supporting
questionable films in foreign countries. It would be a bad sign if it came out," Yazar said,
according to Cooiman.

In response, Cooiman told him "Switzerland is the wrong place to show politics. We agreed on
the program months ago and we cannot change it with such short notice."

The pressure was not confined only to the
movie, Cooiman said, adding that the
ministry also opposed five articles written
by leading journalists and a theater play,
“Çirkin İnsan Yavrusu,” telling the story of
three women: one Kurd, one lesbian and
one who wears a headscarf.

"I could only save the play in the printed
program," he said. "I warned the ministry
not to censor the articles because they are not very critical about Turkey. And the film 'Gitmek'
won a prize in Istanbul and it is just a love story," said Cooiman.

The movie and the five articles were taken out of the program. But the film will be displayed in
theaters throughout Switzerland during the festival that ends Dec. 6, while the articles are
around and some of them already have been published in Swiss newspapers.

"I did apologize in my opening speech of the festival to my partners and to the audience. I
shouldn't have followed the pressure but the pressure was so strong and so shortly before
print," said Cooiman.

Still, he praised the collaboration with the Turkish government and the Turkish Embassy in Bern
and said: "I think we should focus on the wide diversity in our program and not on the mistakes
… I work for modern Turkey and I want to show a modern Turkey."

In Istanbul, Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay acknowledged that as one of the
partner countries, Turkey made some proposals about the festival program.

"Can we consider our demand not to turn a festival we financially support into a political show
as a censure, like some newspapers write?" he told a press conference yesterday. "Shall we
remain silent in the face of broadcasts against Turkey?"

Source: turkishdailynews.com