'Nîvê Heyvê' won the Golden Shell

Devrim / October 1-2006 / Melbourne

    Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi's last feature film 'Nîvê
    Heyvê' aka Niwemang, (Kurdish for Half Moon) won Concha
    de Oro, Sapanihs for Golden Shell, award at the 54th San
    Sebastian Film Festival in Basque, Spain. Nîvê Heyvê shared
    the best film award with ‘Mon fils à moi’ (My Son) directed by
    French Martial Faugeron.

    Half Moon, the fourth feature of Ghobadi also won Special
    Juri Prize for Best Photography. Ghobadi said that he
    dedicated his film to Kurdish nation and he is very happy for
    getting the best film prize.

    The film is banned in Iran

    On the other hand Ghobadi told that Nîvê Heyvê is still
    banned in Iran and he hopes that the ban will be lifted soon.
    Ghobadi won the same prize at the 52. San Sebastian
International Film Festival with his third feature, 'Turtles Can Fly", in 2004.

    Started on 21st of September 54th San Sebastian International Film Festival has concluded on
    30th of September. Ghobadi’s film got the positive respond of the film critics at the festival while
    audiences protested the jury’s decision to award Martial Faugeron’s film My Son, with Golden

    On the other hand Half Moon has been chosen for a special festival
    which will be held in Vienna, Austria in November to celebrate the
    Mozart’s 250th anniversary.

    Nîvê Heyvê, Iran, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Austria and
    France joint production, to some extent resembles Ghobadi’s
    second feature “Marooned in Iraq- aka Songs of My Motherland”. The
    film tells the story of a group of Kurdish musicians traveling to South     a scene from Half Moon
    Kurdistan from Iran to perform a concert. Ghobadi told the press that
    he wanted to portray the difficulties the singers face in Iran.

    Ghobadi for the first time uses some professional
    actors/actress in Half Moon which depicts the story of a
    Kurdish musician, Mamo, who after 35 years got the
    permission to perform music in South Kurdistan with his
    team. He needs a woman singer for his pieces of music. As
    it is forbidden for women to perform music in public spaces,
    the group tries to conceal woman singer Hesho, played by
    Hediye Tehrani. Mamo and his group cross the border with
    the help of his beloved friend Kako, driving the bus. The
group faces many difficulties and inevitable the journey becomes full of events and adventures.

    Bahman Ghobadi won Caméra d'Or prize with his first feature film, A Time for Drunken Horses at
    Cannes in 2000. Ghobadi’s second feature Songs of My Motherland (2002), was also screened at
    Cannes in 2002, in Un Certain Regard, and won a prize at Chicago International Film Festival
    held at the same year.

    Also it is said that the Golem Company, the biggest film distributor company in Spain, has bought
    the right of Half Moon to distribute it in Spain.

    Half Moon credits:

    Director and screenwriter: Bahman Ghobadi
    Production: Mij Film
Cinemaphotography: Nigel Block, Crighton Bone