Half Moon in Pusan and Reykjavik International Film Festivals

KurdishCinema.com / October 3- 2006 / Melbourne

    Bahman Ghobadi's last feature film Half Moon is
    invited to two important international film festivals
    in South Korea and Iceland. Half Moon will be
    screened in 11th Pusan International Film Festival
    in South Korea. The film will be screened in
    "A Window on Asian Cinema" section during the
    festival which will be taking place from October
    12th to 20th in South Korea.

    Besides Ghobadi’s Half Moon will be screening in
    3rd Reykjavik International Film Festival taking
    place from September 28th to October 8th in
    Iceland. Half Moon will be presented in a section                       Hediye Tehrani in Half Moon
    named 3X3. Ghobadi’s earlier feature films
    "Turtles Can Fly" and "A Time for Drunken Horses" will also in the festival program.

    Nîvê Heyvê, Iran, Iraq (Kurdistan Regional Government), Austria and
    France joint production, to some extent resembles Ghobadi’s
    second feature “Marooned in Iraq- aka Songs of My Motherland”. The
    film tells the story of a group of Kurdish musicians traveling to South
    Kurdistan from Iran to perform a concert. Ghobadi told the press that
    he dedicated his film to Kurdish nation and in Half Moon he wanted
    to portray the difficulties the singers face in Iran.

    Bahman Ghobadi won Caméra d'Or prize with his first feature film, A Time for Drunken Horses at
    Cannes in 2000. Ghobadi’s second feature Songs of My Motherland (2002), was also screened at
    Cannes in 2002, in Un Certain Regard, and won a prize at Chicago International Film Festival
    held at the same year.

    Half Moon was also shown at 31st Toronto International Film Festival which took place between 7
    to 16 September in Canada.