What is on?

David & Layla will be
released in USA from
20th of July 2007

Hallf Moon will be released around the world!

KurdishCinema.com / 8 July 2007

After being in different International
Film Festival, latest film of Bahman
Ghobadi "HalfMoon" will become
available very soon in different
countries around the world.

Germany and France are the first
countries which the film will be
seen. HalfMoon will be released in
France by CTV International
Company on 11th of July and in
Germany on 9th August by
Pandora Company.

Also countries such as Brazil,
Denmark, Spain, Andorra, Taiwan,
USA, UK, Iraq, Turkey, Mexico,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama…etc. purchased the rights
of the film and they will release the film very soon.

All the worldwide rights of the film are belong to the German Company "The Match Factory".