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David & Layla released
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5th London Kurdish
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A self-thought Kurdish
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Script Award!

Kurdish director won
the big prize in Belgium

Kurdish films to be
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Censorship from
Culture Ministry;
'Turkish girl cannot fall
in love with a Kurdish

Prix du Public /
Audience Award to
David and Layla

My Marlon and Brando
(Gitmek) is at New York
Tribeca Film Festival

Bahman Ghobadi is at
Bahrain Film Festival

David Tolhildan banned
in Singapore film festival

Call from Manchester
Kurdish Film Festival

Celebrate Newroz  with
Shiva Rose at David &
Layla premiere in San

Kurdish films at 37.
Rotterdam International
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Film about Kurdish
female PKK leader
Nuriye Kesbir

Musikliebe, new
documentary of Yusuf

Kurdish School of

Kurdish director Hiwa

Screening of "Crossing
the Dust"

5th London Kurdish
Film Festival will kick off

Paris Kurdish FIlm
Festival was successful

David the Tholhildan in

Yilmaz Guney Short
Film Festival in London

Call for 5th London
Kurdish Film Festival

Kurdish director
Shewket Amin Korki

Ghobadi is a jury in San
Sebastian Film Festival

Amsterdam Film

Second Iraqi short film

Half Moon in Melbourne

Great success of Half
Moon in Spain

Bahman Ghobadi in

Half Moon in London,
France and Germany

Premiere of David &
Layla in Beverly Hills

Ghobadi will work with

Free screening of

David & Layla in Verona-
Italy-Jalal Jonroy's
message to the festival

David & Layla at
American Cinemas

Half Moon at Tribeca
Film Festival

Screening of David &
Laylat at Verona Film

The First Hamburg
Kurdish Film Festival

The Fist Paris Kurdish
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Half Moon in Portugal,
USA and Germany

Melbourne Kurdish Film
Festival finalized

Ghobadi hospitilized!

Kurdish director, writer and actor: Ibrahim Selman

KurdishCinema.com - January 16  2009

Ibrahim Selman, a Kurdish director living in Holland, born
in 1952 in Iraqi Kurdistan. As well as directing films Selman
writes screenplays.


1978 - "Think an end of this performance", writer, director
and actor, short TV-film.
1991 - "
Three figures of a mountain man who desire to
become a seal"
, short feature film 38m,  screenwriter and
1993 - "
A silent traveller", long feature film, screenwriter
and director
1995/now: Director of about 80 short films",
(non-broadcast film).
2008 - "Omet", long feature film, producer, director, actor,
screenwriter and editor

Synopsis of "Omet"

The screenwriter Yaro flees together with his wife Hale
from Iraq to the Netherlands in the hope of making a
movie about a boy called Temo. Temo, a ten year old boy
had (in real life) survived a massacre in the desert of Iraq.
Temo looks like Yaro’s missing small brother Miro. Yaro’s
attempts, during twelve years, to make a film ended with no
results. Finally he meets Els, a young employee of a film
production company. He falls in love with her and his hope
to realise his film grows, but he also gets a lot of problems
with his wife. Beside these problems, they already had
some like don’t having children. Hale doesn’t know that she can’t get children with Yaro. He
knows about his handicap but doesn’t tell her. He even blames her for this. Hale tries to find out
why she never gets pregnant. When she discovers the truth, that Yaro is cause of their
childlessness, she takes revenge. The loneliness in their
lives is a huge. They can’t live with each other but also not
without each other. A bitter, poetical and humour full affair
follows, shadowed by the ghosts of his dead father, Temo
and his missing small brother Miro.

Ibrahims Selman's Curriculum Vitae, short

1972 - 1980 Actor, director and writer Kurdish program’s
state broadcast, Baghdad
1976 - Bachelor of Dramatic Arts in acting, Baghdad
1980 - Fear, Solo performance Writer, director and actor
 Suffering of a madman, play.
1981 - In the Netherlands
1982 - Play ‘Fear’, Writer, director
1982-1985 Study since of Theatre University of
Amsterdam, doctoral degree
1985-1988 Professor since of theatre University of
1985-1987 Solo performance: Between two Paradises, text and acting
1987 - Mem and Zin, play
1988 - The eternal officer, play, Writer, director and actor
1990 -1995 policymaker ministry of Welfare and Culture
1995/now: Artistic advisor, Program director of Audio
Visual services Dutch ministry of defence  
1988/now: Freelance journalist


1979 - Mine, short story bundle in Kurdish, Baghdad
1979 - A fool changes the epic of Mem and Zin, play in
Kurdish, Bagdad.
1987 - Mem and Zin, Play, Theatre bookshop
1998 - The dance of a frozen country, poems in Dutch, De
2000 - And the sae split in two, novel in Dutch,
2000 - Freedom is dead, poems in Dutch, Indeknipscheer
2002 - I thought about the coconut, novel in Dutch,
2006 - Tender souls, novel in Dutch, Prometheus
2007 - Looking for brave heart, essays and poems in Dutch, Meuelnhoff

For more information about Ibrahim Selman please visit his personal website: