Jamal Hashemi directing his first future film:

“Peace for Middle East”


'Peace for Middle East' is an English movie which
is directed by a young Kurdish director, Jamal
Hashemi, in Canada. The film is about a Middle-
Eastern boy who loses all his family during a
brutal war in his homeland. Left without a family
member to care for him and protect him, another
local family takes him into their care and brings him
to Canada where they feel he will be safe and
protected under the just and humane Canadian
law. Once he arrives in Canada, he is adopted by
a Canadian family and grows up cultured and
socialized with western Canadian traditions.                                     
Jamal Hashemi

In his 20's he enters university and starts to meet new people and his life takes a serious
new turn that he never imagined possible. Among other endeavors and discoveries that he
makes about life, it is at the university that, at first sight, he falls deeply in love with a girl who
is also a Middle-Eastern immigrant to Canada, and dedicates all his efforts, time and energy
to pursuing her and capturing her heart. After many struggles and obstacles, mainly cultural
and discriminatory, they manage to reach a mutual understanding and enter a loving
relationship, in the mean time, diminishing the value of culture clash negativities. Together,
they discover a link between the two cultures and find the boundary that holds them together
without conflict.

Over 100 actor and actress will acting in this production. The film will be staring by:  Jamal
Hashemi, Perjin Jaffer, Woshyar Jaff(Oscar), Tressa Wilson, Jan Murray, Jon Welch, Hossain
shafie, and many other actor.

This film will be produced by Rojanfilms and Ghettorade Films Company. To see more
information about this production visit www.rojanfilms.com

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Jamal Hashemi, living
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