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A self-tought Kurdish filmmaker: Jano Rosebiani

KurdishCinema.com - January 12  2009

Biogrophy of  Jano Rosebiani

A self-taught Kurdish filmmaker, born and raised
in the town of Zakho in Southren Kurdistan. In
1974, then a seventh-grader, he along with his
family joined the Kurdish mass uprising against
Saddam’s regime and took to the mountains. Two
years later he became a refugee in the Untied

Rosebiani acquired his knowledge of film making
during his college years Virginia in the mid
1980s while studying English literature and
managing movie theaters. He started his
career at a public access television where he
made experimental videos, including a madefor-TV drama and a weekly arts series, which
received the Hometown, USA prize in 1985 as
well as numerous local awards.

In 1995 he made his feature film debut in Los Angeles with "Dance of the Pendulum" - a
dark comedy parodying exploitation in Hollywood.

“Jiyan” (Life) is his first Kurdish film made in 2002, intended
to be a window to the world for the Kurds. The film received
high critical acclaim, including four-star ratings by The
Guardian, The Observer and BBC World, and became a
festival favorite, garnering numerous awards. Since the
liberation of Iraq in 2003 Rosebiani has produced three
documentaries depicting human rights abuses in the
country under the past regimes. Among his most recent
work is an American style sitcom series pilot “Radyo Qela”
(Radio Citadel) set in the Kurdish regional capital of Hewlér.

Since 2003 Rosebiani has contributed to the empowerment of the Kurdish cinema by giving
annual filmmaking workshops to inspiring filmmakers. A total of 60 short films have been
produced in these workshops, many of which have played in world festivals.


*  Dance of the Pendulum – Feature film 1995
*  Jiyan (Life) – Feature film 2002
*  Saddam's Mass graves – Documentary 2003
*  Chemical Ali (producer) – Documentary 2004
*  WMD (Co-producer) - Documentary 2004
*  Radyo Qela (Radio Citadel) – Sitcom series 2007

Awards for Jiyan:

* Special Jury Award - New Director's Showcase, Seattle International Film
Festival 2002
* Best film Award - International Film Festival Festroia 2002. Setubal, Portugal
* Popular Jury Award - Rights to Have Rights Film Festival 2003. Modena, Italy
* In The Spirit of Freedom Award - 19th Jerusalem Film Festival 2002
* Official Selection for Tiger Competition - International Film Festival Rotterdam

Special note: Kurdish director Jano Rosebiani will be in the jury of KurdishCInema.com
script award!