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Kurdish School of Cinema at Salahaddin University

KurdishCinema.com - 18 December 2007

Welcome to the world of motion pictures!

The Kurdish School of Cinema (KSC) at the
College of Fine Arts/Salahaddin University is the
first film school ever in Kurdistan and is a first
step towards establishing the Kurdish Cinema.

On this site you will find our core curriculum and
the key qualities that set this film school apart
from others. Choosing a film school is a big
decision. If you're considering applying to the
school and you need more information please contact us.

Dr. Sliman Faiq,
Head of the Kurdish School of Cinema

The KSC will first offer two programs of study (Directing for the screen
and Acting for the screen) in the history and theory as well as the
creative and technical aspects of the moving image.

KSC plans to offer additional programs in the near future. KSC
provides a scholarly, creative and professional approach to the study
of both the art of Cinema and seeks to help each student discover his
or her abilities as an artist.

Our instructional philosophy includes a hands-on approach to filmmaking. The faculty is a team
of dedicated professionals with your educational endeavor as a main priority. Each of our
students learns to write, act and direct their own films in a complete digital environment. It's a
film school for the real world, based on filmmaking.

The programs

The Kurdish School of Cinema at College of Fine Arts/ Salahaddin University offers two
programs that lead to a B.F.A degree in cinema. The curriculum is centered around cinema as
a storytelling medium. The course of instruction combines writing, directing and acting with
technical training and history/theory to provide students with a deep understanding of the
principles and practice of dramatic narrative.

The faculty at the KSC are both academics and professionals from the film communities.

Combine theory and practice

Our students will in the future set the standards for the Kurdish film industry. While students are
writing, directing and acting, they are also learning history, criticism, analysis and theory in every
major (Film Directing & Film Acting).


The Kurdish School of Cinema welcomes applications from all who seek to study the art of
Cinema. Applicants should note that KSC offers only a full-time course of study and
applications for part-time study cannot be accepted. Applicants to KSC must have completed
upper secondary school or its equivalent prior to matriculation. High Kurdish and/or English
language competence, written and spoken is also a requirement.

All elements of the application will be examined carefully for talent in narrative filmmaking. Prior
work in film and video, while useful in demonstrating the strength of the applicant's abilities, is
not required for application.

The Admission Procedure

The admission procedure consists of a written application, several days of entrance tests and
sometimes interviews. Personal presence at the cost of the applicant is required during part of
the process. There are many applicants, but only a very limited number of students are finally
admitted. KSC has no possibility of helping applicants who do not fulfill our qualifications.

Admission to the Film directing program takes place every second year.

Admission to the Acting program takes place every second year.

Starting Dates

Autumn 2009

Deadline for application will be posted.
- Film directing Program - B.F.A. 4 years

Autumn 2010

Deadline for application will be posted.
- Acting for the Screen Program - B.F.A. 4 years

Please note that the application forms are available in advance before the last date for
application. The application must be written in Kurdish or English.

For more information call: 066 - 254 79 33 or visit: www.kurdishschoolofcinema.org

Contact information

Kurdish School of Cinema
College of Fine Arts
Salahaddin University

Visiting address:
College of Fine Arts Building
Downtown Hawler, Kurdistan

Phone: 066 - 254 79 33
Phone international: +964 254 93 59

For further information about the admissions process at Salahaddin University please contact:

Juwan Jalal Sharif
Director of Central Admissions