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Call for 5th London Kurdish Film Festival

KurdishCinema.com / 18/09/2007

It is announced that 5ht London
Kurdish Film Festival is now accepting
submissions for the festival which will
be held in London in December 2007.
The deadline for the submission of the
films is Monday 15th of October 2007.
Below is the announcement of the
festival committee.

"We are happy to announce that the 5th
London Kurdish Film Festival will be
held in London from 30th of November  
to 6th December 2007 at the Rio
Cinema in Dalston.

As the festival organising committee,
we invite all Kurdish and non-Kurdish
directors who have made films about the Kurdish people or Kurdish issues to submit their work
for possible inclusion in this year’s festival programme. The LKFF accepts feature,
documentary and short films with English subtitles for the selection process. We can show
films in many formats (including 35mm, HD, Mini DV, DVD etc).

Conditions for submitting preview copies for selection


We accept films made by Kurdish directors on any subject chosen, or films by non-Kurdish
directors primarily focusing on Kurdish people or issues.


All (features, shorts, animation experimental and documentaries)


DVD, VHS preferably but DV CAM or mini DV also acceptable. Please note these are for
selection purposes only. Films selected for the festival will need to be supplied in the best
available format.


All films should be subtitled in English.


Monday 15 October 2007

Submission / mailing costs

All mailing costs for submissions are the responsibility
of the directors or producers. The London Kurdish Film
festival does not contribute to the cost of sending preview
copies to the festival committee for selection purposes. If
LKFF appoints any person/s to collect films on their behalf, then the Festival is responsible for
transport of the materials to United Kingdom.

Return Policy on Preview Copies

Preview copies cannot be returned to the directors, producers or distributors. Copies of all films
will be kept in the London Kurdish Film Festival Film Archive."

For more information please visit London Kurdish Film Festival's website: www.lkff.co.uk