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"My prison my home" a film by Mano Khalil

KurdishCinema - February 12 2009

Mano Khalil's new film "My Prison My
Home" evolves around the Anfal atrocities
committed in Iraq during Saddam
Hussein's era. As a part of the Al Anfal
operation, which lasted from
the end of March till the end of
September 1988, Saddam
Hussein’s security forces
imprisoned hundreds of
Kurdish families in the Nizarke
prison and in various other
prisons also. Under Saddam,
these prisoners awaited death
and dreamt of freedom.
Saddam’s fall saved many of
them from death. However,
when the long awaited freedom
finally came, there was nothing
left for them except to make their
cells their homes.

Because their villages were
completely destroyed and
they lost all their possessions,
these families now live in their
former prisons and again
dream of a different life.

Anfal was an anti-Kurdish
campaign led by the former
Saddam regime between 1986
and 1989 and involved a series
of military campaigns against the Kurdish
Peshmerga fighters as well as the mostly
Kurdish civilian population of southern Kurdistan 'northern Iraq'.

The campaign, in which chemical weapons were used, The Anfal operation crackdown
that killed nearly 200,000 Kurdish civilians and guerrillas.

Watch the trailer of "My Prison My Home"