Our garden of Eden; a new film from Mano Khalil

KurdishCinema - March 8, 2010

Kurdish director Mano Khalil has
completed his last feature film, runs
for 97 minutes, Our Garden of Eden.

The film presents everyday life in an
allotment garden that mirrors the
mosaic-like pattern of contemporary
multiethnic and multicultural Swiss
society. Here, people of the most
diverse geographic, religious, social
and political backgrounds work their
plots of land side by side, creating a
microcosm rich in dreams and joys,
but also beset by loneliness,
homesickness, family tragedies,
strokes of fate and conflicts. Native
Swiss love of order brushes up
against foreign talent for
improvisation; mutual respect and
the wish to integrate occasionally
clash with ignorance. Tilling their
gardens together peaceably,
Christians and Muslims, sometimes
from enemy countries, enjoy what
has become the most precious good
in our society: time, space and

Films info:

Kamera und Regie Mano Khalil
Ton Andrea Leila Kühni, Ravin Asaf
Schnitt Thomas Bachmann
Musik Mario Batkovic
Tonmischung Rolf Büttikofer
Lichtbestimmung Sarah Felix
Produktionsjahr 2010
Länge 97 Min
Format Digi Beta, 16:9, Farbe
Originalsprache Deutsch, französisch und italienisch

    Mano Khalil is a Kurd from Kurdistan in Syria and studied in
    History and Law at DamascusUniversity between 1981-1986
    then went to former Czechoslovakia.to study in Fiction Film
    Direction between 1987-1994. Khalil worked as an
    independent film director for Czechoslovakian and later for the
    Slovakian Television. Since 1996 he lives in Switzerland and
    works as an independent film director. Mano Khalil has
    directed many films most of them documentaries. Below is
    his filmography:

1988- Oh world!, 16mm, 11Min.

1989- My pain, My hope, 16 mm, 15 min.

1990- Embassy, 16mm, 22 Min.

1991- Oh father, 35mm, 21 min.(School films)

1990- My God 16mm, 20Min.Czechoslovakian TV.

1993– The Place Where God Sleeps, 16mm, 30Min.

(Khalil won 1. Price in the Independent International film festival of Augsburg – in Germany

1995- Kino-ocko (Kino eye) 16mm, 20Min Slovak TV.

1998- Triumph of Iron. Beta SP, 31min.

(This film won UBS Acknowledgement Price in Solothurner Filmtage Switzerland and was
nominated for the Swiss Film price in 2000, in the category of best short film.

2001- Script Gala. Price for the script development of the Swiss Author Society –

at Locarno Film festival.

2003- Colorful Dreams. 60.Min 35 mm. co-production Swiss TV

(Colofrul Dreams won best Music Film prise at Canton Bern

2005- Al-Anfal, "in the name of Allah, Baath and Saddam" 52 min. Digi Beta co-

production with Swiss TV.

2006- David the Tolhildan, Digi-beta. Co production with Swiss TV.     

2009- "My Prison My Home" a feature film which was about the Anfal atrocity committed by Saddam
Hussein's regime during 1980s.

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