The First Paris Kurdish Film Festival

KurdishCinema.com / April 16, 2007

Devrim Kilic - Melbourne

The First Paris Kurdish Film Festival will be held
between 23- 30 October in 2007 at the Film
Library Latin Quarter in Paris, France. Organized
by Collective of the Scenario Writers and Kurdish
Artists (CCAK) in France, Paris Kurdish Film
Festival aims at supporting and promoting the
Kurdish Cinema while endeavouring to create
an address for young directors.

The festival intends to promote the Kurdish
culture and cinema to the Parisians by providing
varied Kurdish feature and short films,
documentaries as well as some animations.

The aim of the Paris Kurdish Film Festival is to support and promote Kurdish cinematographic
creation. Also it seeks to show the desire of Kurdish directors and scenario writers by
presenting their artistic work in order to create an environment for them to establish a dialogue
with the audiences. It is said that the festival will be a meeting place where directors, produces,
scenario writers, actors/actress can exchange their thoughts and with the audiences.  

Kurdish Cinema lacks financial support

    The festival committee stated on their website that Kurdish Cinema has
    many talents but it lacks technical and financial means. The committee
    said that because there are not enough financial supports of Kurdish
    cinema, Kurdish directors have to carry their works under difficult
    conditions: “In addition to the financial problem Kurdish directors also
    undergoes political pressures. For instance Yilmaz Guney’s film Yol
    could not get exhibition permission in Turkey but won the Palm D’or at
    Cannes Film Festival in 1982. The director, Yilmaz Güney, pleaded guilty
    and got 100 years prison sentences by a Turkish court after he fled to

Paris Kurdish Film Festival will be a showcase for short, feature and documentary films of
Kurdish directors. It is said that the festival will reflect the richness of Kurdish culture by
revealing different aspects of Kurds through screening of varied films. The First Paris Kurdish
Film Festival will show the films of famous Kurdish directors, such as Bahman Ghobadi, Hiner
Saleem, Ahmet Zirek, Suyip Adlig, Mansur Tural, Kazim Oz, Berivan Binevsa, Ozay Sahin,
Yuksel Yavuz, Jalal Jonroy, Mano Khalil, Nizamettin Aric and Sahin Gok. The list is not limited
with these names and it is expected more directors will contribute the festivals with their films.

Young directors are invited

The festival will pay special attention to the work of young directors by devoting a significant
amount of time for the screening of their films. The festival committee said it will be a great
opportunity for young directors to present their work at the critical eye of the spectators.

During the 7 days festival several conferences, debates, and meetings will take place and
many guests, journalists, writers, directors and actors will attend to those activities.
Also it is planned that Kurdish traditional music concerts and Kurdish food will be offered to the
audiences in partnership with professionals from the Kurdish Associations established in

CCAK aims to promote Kurdish Cinema

The festival is organized by Collective of the Scenario Writers and Kurdish Artists (CCAK) which
was established in 2006. The CCAK intends to create a space for artistic exchanges between
the Kurdish artists, and to provide support for its members. Also CCAK aims to promote the
Kurdish artists in their artistic work by supporting and developing different artistic and cultural
projects, especially film projects, about Kurds including the Kurdish Diaspora in Europe.

The 10 current members of CCAK consist of cinema students in cinema, lawyers and different
personalities who are gathered around the same passionate idea, namely Kurdish Cinema.

The director of Paris Kurdish Film Festival is Ali Gul Donmez who, at the same time, is the
president of the CCAK. Emine Akbucak and Yasemin Bahca are the two other festival
committee members. Ali Gul Donmez can be contacted on 06 14 22 97 52 and his e-mail
address is: alikaosis40@hotmail.com

To obtain more info about the festival please visit: