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5th London Kurdish
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Paris Kurdish Film Festival was successful

KurdishCinema.com - 13 November 2007

The first edition of Kurdish Film Festival in Paris
took place from 24 to 30 October 2007 at the Film
Latin Quarter in Paris 5th.

The film festival was organized by the association
COCDARK (Collective of film makers and artists
Kurdish), which was founded in Paris in 2006
whose aim is to promote cinema and Kurdish
artists Kurds. The festival was organized with the
partnership of the City of Paris and The ACSE
(National Agency for Social Cohesion).

The festival has scheduled thirty films, short film
and feature film and documentary.
Many directors from different countries were present at the festival to present their films and to
hold meetings: Kazim Oz (Turkey), Ozkan Oz (Turkey), Eylem Kaftan (Turkey), Mujde Arslan
(Turkey), Ozay Sahin ( Germany), Berivan Binevsa (Belgium), Kudret Gunes (France), Hiner
Saalem (France), Suayip Adlig (France), Huseyin Ozveren (France), Stefano Savona (France)
and producer Mehmet Aktas (Germany).

The panel organized enabled filmmakers to express their views on various issues economic,
political and professional. The chairman of COCDARK and director of Kurdish Film Festival in
Paris, Ali Gul DÖNMEZ said in his speech to the panel that "Even if the film has no Kurdish
industry and domestic market and in that sense we do can not speak of a Kurdish national
cinema, one thing is sure is that a Kurdish cinematographic movement is real, that reigns over
the land of Kurdistan, which is seeking its own language film. Our festival is the result of this
Kurdish cinematographic movement. "