Acclaimed director Bahman Ghobadi’s film screened in Britain as he faces bans in Iran  

2/8/2007   KSSO  

    In the wake of a recent ban on not only the distribution of
    Bahman Ghobadi’s films, but also the shooting of his
    upcoming projects, Kurdish Studies and Students’
    Organisation (KSSO) screened his award winning international
    release Turtles Can Fly this week at SOAS University, London.

The event, which took place on 6th February at the Khalili Theatre, was viewed by a full house
of more than 70 people from London universities, and those whose interest in the Kurds was
peaked by the moving feature film. The film was introduced with a controversial talk by author
and activist Milan Rai, who wrote War Plan Iraq and Regime Unchanged.

In keeping with KSSO aims, the screening was an open, corss-cultural event, and was well
attended by a diverse audience of Japanese, English, Iranian, and American supporters,
proving again that Kurdish issues are gaining prominence with an international audience.
Many of the viewers were introduced to the acclaimed Ghobadi’s work for the first time, and
were struck by the power of his depiction of Kurdish lives. The current barriers faced by
Ghobadi in the distribution and filming of his work was raised in the discussion period. The
event was a chance to explore some timely issues facing Kurdish artists and intellectuals,
and KSSO was pleased to help in generating dialogue about these themes.

The film screening was the first in an ongoing series of events organised by KSSO this
spring, in cooperation with SOAS and Birkbeck. Other activities are to include a Kurdish
Cultural Day at SOAS, with exhibitions and performances, a seminar series with prominent
Kurdish Studies specialists, and regular screenings of further Kurdish films.


KSSO is a non-partisan body that strives to promote greater awareness of the Kurds and
Promoting intellectual exchange.

source: www.kurdmedia.com

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