What is on?

David & Layla released
in USA from 20th of July

5th London Kurdish
Film Festival
Latest News

Kurdish director won
the big prize in Belgium

Kurdish films to be
screened in India

Censorship from
Culture Ministry;
'Turkish girl cannot fall
in love with a Kurdish

Prix du Public /
Audience Award to
David and Layla

My Marlon and Brando
(Gitmek) is at New York
Tribeca Film Festival

Bahman Ghobadi is at
Bahrain Film Festival

David Tolhildan banned
in Singapore film festival

Call from Manchester
Kurdish Film Festival

Celebrate Newroz  with
Shiva Rose at David &
Layla premiere in San

Kurdish films at 37.
Rotterdam International
Film Festival

Film about Kurdish
female PKK leader
Nuriye Kesbir

Musikliebe, new
documentary of Yusuf

Kurdish School of

Kurdish director Hiwa

Screening of "Crossing
the Dust"

5th London Kurdish
Film Festival will kick off

Paris Kurdish FIlm
Festival was successful

David the Tholhildan in

Yilmaz Guney Short
Film Festival in London

Call for 5th London
Kurdish Film Festival

Kurdish director
Shewket Amin Korki

Ghobadi is a jury in San
Sebastian Film Festival

Amsterdam Film

Second Iraqi short film

Half Moon in Melbourne

Great success of Half
Moon in Spain

Bahman Ghobadi in

Half Moon in London,
France and Germany

Premiere of David &
Layla in Beverly Hills

Ghobadi will work with

Free screening of

David & Layla in Verona-
Italy-Jalal Jonroy's
message to the festival

David & Layla at
American Cinemas

Half Moon at Tribeca
Film Festival

Screening of David &
Laylat at Verona Film

The First Hamburg
Kurdish Film Festival

The Fist Paris Kurdish
Film Festival

Half Moon in Portugal,
USA and Germany

Melbourne Kurdish Film
Festival finalized

Ghobadi hospitilized!

David & Layla : When
Love Transcends
Religious Prejudice by
Darius Kadivar

Script award from KurdishCinema.com

KurdishCinema.com - December 27 2008

KurdishCinema.com has started its journey more than two
years ago and been kept alive against all odds. Our aim is to
support the idea of the emerging Kurdish Cinema.
KurdishCinema.com has been created to provide theoretical,
historical and practical information about Kurdish Cinema
movement. Our aim is to create an online platform for those
who are interested in Kurdish Cinema and to improve the
communication between those people.

Now, as part of its commitment, KurdishCinema.com has decided to give a script award in
2009. The aim of this award, which would be the first of its kind, is to support the young screen-
writers and directors and to promote the script writing among the concerned circle.

In particular, we expect the application of young directors and scenarists for this award. Our
ultimate aim is to organize a script competition every year. For this reason we would like to
declare that we are open to every suggestion, support and corporation of any individual,
institution or circles so as to organize this
script award and competition. Also we
would like to state that
KurdishCinema.com is looking for
sponsorships in order to organize a
better and comprehensive script
competition. Please let us know if you
can help us in anyway.

The award will be $ 1000 AU (Australian
dollar) for the writer of would be chosen
as a best script. And also the best script
chosen will be published at


1) The theme of the scenario should be
about “Kurdish women”

2) The scripts should be written in
Kurdish (Latin alphabet) with English

3) The scripts must be posted to our address shown below no later than 1st of March 2009.

4) The scripts have to be a standard scripts. And a page of synopsis of the topic should be
enclosed to the script.

5) A character analysis should accompany the synopsis.

6) The scripts should not be shot into a film before. They have to be new.

7) The length of the scripts cannot be more than 20
minutes and cannot be more than 20 A4 pages.

8) The contributors, (script writers) should send a
short biography of themselves along with a photo
of themselves.

The main assessment criteria for the scripts

- The topic should be authentic, interesting. And the
richness of the imagination and telling of the story
is very important.

•        One copy of the scripts should be forwarded
to our e-mail address indicated below and another
hard copy of it should be posted to our mailing
address no later than 1st of March 2009.  

Jury members:

1- Jane Mills:  Dr Jane Mills is Associate Professor in Communication at Charles Sturt
University,  a Senior Research Associate at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School
where she was Head of Screen Studies 1995 – 2001, and the Series Editor of Australian
Screen Classics published by Currency Press/National Film & Sound Archive. In addition to
teaching and publishing in screen studies and cineliteracy, Jane has a production background
in television and documentary film and is the author of books on subjects including feminism,
human rights and linguistics. She is founder-member of ‘Watch on Censorship’, a Director on
the Board of the Sydney Film Festival, and of Cinewest, a  screen culture organisation that
lobbies and advocates for the needs of diverse communities for artistic and cultural
expressions in Western Sydney.  Her films include Yilmaz Guney: His Life, His Films, her books
include Turkey: Torture and Political Persecution  and The Money Shot: Cinema, Sin and
Censorship.  Her next book,  Loving and Hating Hollywood: Global and Local Cinemas (Allen &
Unwin) will be published in May 2009.

2- Jano Rosebiani: Kurdish director living in Kürdistan shot the film Jiyan. (for more info about
Rosebiani >>> )

3- Devrim Kılıç: Editor of KurdishCinema.com

•        Address: Devrim Kilic

42 / A   -  Acacia St Glenroy, Post Code: 3046,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

•        e-mail: kurdishcinema@hotmail.com

•        For more details about the KurdishCinema script award please send us an e-mail.

Extra note: Any one interested in becoming a sponsor for this script award please let us know.
We would highly appreciate your support and contribution.  

Devrim Kılıç / editor in chief

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