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Sharon Stone praises Bahman Ghobadi

KurdishCinema.com - 3 November 2007

It is said that famous Hollywood star Sharon
Stone praised Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi
after watching Turtles Can Fly.  

In the opening day of cinema Verite Film Festival,
Sharon Stone an American movie star introduced
(Turtles can fly )a film by Bahman Ghobadi, the
film was screened with the presence of Monaco
Royal family and large group of reporters.

Sharon Stone in introduction of the film Turtles
Can Fly said:

It is one of the most well made films. It is an
film, and he is an extraordinary filmmaker. It is
not only one of the most powerful films about the
atrocities of war but also about the gift we find
inside ourselves from war, and at the end she
added: it was one of the most
Extraordinary-composed films I have seen in
recent years and structure of the film was so well

    Along side the festival a conference was held with the presence of
    Sharon Stone, Bahman Ghobadi, Karla Del Ponte and other

    Verite Film Festival with the subject of "mines effect on human
    specially children" was held last month and Bahman Ghobadi
    was the honorary guest.

The 8th award for 'Half Moon'

On the other hand Half Moon, Ghobadi's latest feature has won its eighth award at the 4th
Eurasia International Film Festival which took place from 23rd to 29th of September in Almaty in
Kazakhstan. Half Moon obtained the Grand Prize of this festival in competition with other films.

'Daf' got the grand prize too

Also Ghobadi's documentary film "Daf" has received grand prize at 4th Annual National
Geographic All Road Film festival. This film festival took place in Washington from October 4th
till October 7th, 2007 in America. It is also announced that "Daf" will be presented at National
Geographic channel in the near future.