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A Kurdish director: Shewket Amin Korki

KurdishCinema.com / 08/09/2007

Shewket  Amin Korki is a new Kurdish director
who was born in Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan, in 1973.
In 1975 Korki was forced (by the Iraqi military) to
flee to Iran together with his family and stayed in
Iran until 1999. Shewket Amin Korki has worked
in theater, TV and cinema in Iran and Iraqi
Kurdistan. Korki has directed many short films
and entered in many film festivals where he got
some awards. Korki orginized Erbil First Short
Film Festival in 2002 in Kurdistan.

His short films are:

Balloons Fly (1997), fiction, Betacam, 37 min.

Trapdoor (1998), fiction, Betacam, 43 min, voted
Second Best Film (diploma) at Ramsar TV
Festival (1999), Iran.

When it Rains (2000), fiction, Betacam, 29 min, Rio de Janeiro & Kurdistan Film Festivals
(2003), London Film Festival (2004).
Passage (2002), fiction, Betacam, 18 min, took prize for Best Director at the Iraq’s first Film
Festival, Baghdad (2005).

Threat (2003), fiction, Betacam, 23 min, Best Short Film at the First Film Festival of Iraq,
Baghdad (2005) & awarded an honor diploma, Kurdish Film Festival, Sulymaniyah (2004), Hull
Film Festival, 2005, UK.

    Korki has also directed his first feature film in 2006, Crossing the
    Dust (2006), a fiction film shot on 35mm and runs for 74 min.

a scene from Crossing the Dust