Sî û Ba is the best film

KurdishCInema.com -Melbourne - 16/09/06

Sî û Ba (Kurdish for Shadow and Wind), the second short film of young Kurdish director Arin
Inan Arslan, got the best film award in the National Short Film Competition organized by Sony
Pictures Home Entertainment in Istanbul, Turkey. The director has been awarded by Sony
with 5 thousand new Turkish Lira and a brand new Sony video camera. Sony started the film
competition three years ago in order to support the young directors and this year 135 films
competed in the festival which has started in 1st of June 2006.                                    

Si u Ba

Shot in a village of Viransehir-Urfa in North Kurdistan, Sî û Ba is a black and white film
without dialogue that runs for 15 minutes. Sî û Ba is a profoundly perfect film and Arin Inan
Arslan is a promising director. The film is to some extent a surrealist film and has incredibly
magnificent frames and images and also draws attention with its captivating music. Sî û Ba
goes between dream and reality and based on a dream of a Kurdish boy living in a poor
Kurdish village.

Sî û Ba shot with the help of Yalim town Council of Mardin. Arin Inan Arslan says it would not
be possible to shoot the film without the help of Abdülkerim Adam, mayor of Yalim town.

Born in the city of Dersim and now living in Izmir,
Arslan is a young Kurdish talent who made
another short film before ‘Sî û Ba’ called 'Kirinti'
(Turkish for Crumb-2004) Arslan received special
jury awards at 16. Ankara International Film
Festival and 26. IFSAK Festival for his first short
film ‘Kirinti-Crumb’. Kirinti also won Yilmaz Güney
best film award in the 1st TKM Short Film Festival
in Turkey.  

Sî û Ba credits:
                                                                                                      director Arin Inan Arslan
Year: 2006

Written and directed by: Arin Inan Arslan
Cast: Mediha Izgi, Sevin Seven, Hamza Seven, Zeliha Isik
Producer: Ruken Sansür
Camera: Mehtap Bayer
Music: Mehmet Atli

* source: anf (firat news agency)

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Sî û Ba is the best film