Tawar Short Film Festival


Women Union of Kurdistan is organizing a short film festival which will concentrate on women’
s issue, in Sulaimaniyah city of South Kurdistan. It has been decided that the festival which will
take place on International Women day at March 8 in 2007 will be organized annually from now
on. The festival which is titled Tawar Short Film Festival first organized in 2004 by Women
Union of Kurdistan-Zhinan/ Media Department.

The Supreme Committee of the Tawar Short Film Festival made an announcement that said
that they are asking directors around the world to send their film, which should be about
women’s issues, for the festival. In the statement it is said “Taking a new way of working to
explore women’s cases and problems through showing films. We hope to make Tawar Short
Film Festival a platform for presenting women’s problems in any spot around the world in the
following next years launching from that confident that film has direct impacts on the
audiences and remain in memories as well.”

The conditions to participate for the festival as follows:

The films should be private taking into consideration one of the women’s cases.
The film duration should be short not to be more than half an hour (30 minutes).
The films should be delivered to the Supreme Festival Committee before the day of the due
date which is February 20, 2007.
It is said that the festival committee will evaluate the films and decide if they would be
accepted for the festival. Anyone who one to send his/her film for the festival should complete
the below application form.

Application form for the Tawar Short Film Festival

1. The film name:
2. Director’s name:
3. Type of the film (Documentary, fictional...etc.

4. Duration of the film:

5- Production site:

6- Year of production:

7- Camera man:

8- Music:

9- Has it participate in other festivals or not? If the answer is yes, what festival

10- Complete address of the film director:

11-A summery of the film scenario

Note: Please, send some photos of the film scenes and a photo of the director him-herself.   

For more information about the festival, you can contact the bellow e-mails and phone

-Normal:   0533121052
-Asia cell: 07701994403
-Sanatel:   07301145509
note: (Kurdistan-Iran artists) can send their film to this post box in BanaCity (66915 - 316)