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Monday, February 05, 2007

KurdishMedia.com - Vladimir van Wilgenburg

Some recent news from the "Kurdish Hollywood". It seems the Kurdish cinema is developing, this is
very good for the Kurdish struggle for more rights in this world.

Hiner Salim’s new movie released

    The Kurdish movie director Hiner Salim recently released his
    new movie called “Dol”, valley of drums. A lot of information
    about this movie can be found on dol-lefilm.com in French. This
    websites also gives more information about the Kurdish
    question in general. This movie will be shown on the famous
    film festival in Berlin, Germany (February).

    Hiner Salim finished this movie in 2005, but it was released until
    recently. The film was recorded in several cities in the southern
    part of Kurdistan. The Kurdish movie stars Nazmi Kirik, Rojin,
    Bel?im Bilgin and Abdullah Keskin participated in the movie.
    Also the very known Kurdish musicians Ciwan Haco en Rojin
    participated in the movie (Click on the links for the movie

    The movie of Hiner Salim tells the tragedy of the Kurdish people.
    It shows a Kurdish view on the Kurdish situation in Iraq, Iran and
    Turkey. It took Hiner Salim four weeks to record the movie in the
    province of Hewler. He worked together with the Greek director
“Angelopous”. This famous Greek director is known for his movies “The Look of Ulis" and "The Late
Step of the Stork". Hiner Salim’s movie was supported by the de l’acad?mie de Paris. More movie
previews can be seen here.

New movie Peshmerga

In other news, it’s confirmed that the movie about Mulla Mustafa Barzani will be named “Peshmerga”.

The Kurdish director will be Ali Bedirxan, who resides in Egypt. And the Arabic and Kurdish media
reported that it’s a joint venture between Hollywood and Egypt cinema. The movie is a project that has
been developed by the Kurdistani ministry of culture and Ali Bedirxan.

David and Layla shown in Belgium

During Valentine week, David & Layla is in competition with international films about the role and the
power of 'Amour/Love' to resolve religious, class, socio-economic, or political conflicts.

The Kurdish movie David and Layla, directed by Jay Jonroy, will be shown on the 23rd International
Amour/Love Film Festival. It will be screened on the 13th and 15th of February. The first is screening
is already sold out.

This movie can be described as the Kurdish “My Greek Wedding”. Only this time it’s about the love
between a Jewish men and a Kurdish women. This movie breaks all Kurdish taboos and is positively
reviewed by several writers.

The Kurdish antropologist Kameel Ahmady described it as “....the best movie and winner of this year’
s LKFF... has to be David and Layla...the true highlight of the festival...a phenomenal film..." He will
also be present on this festival.

Next to this there are two other Kurdish films at this year’s Amour festival in other sections. The
Kurdish movie “Fratricide” is under focus in the Turkish section of the festival. The 3rd film is
“Crossing The Dust.” Most other countries like Tunisia or Italy or Chile only have one film at the
festival. But the Kurds have three films at the same international film fest. This positive news for the
Kurdish people who are just starting the explore the benefits of the film industry.

Bahman Ghobadi visiting Holland

    Last month the Rotterdam Film Festival showed two Kurdish movies:
    Half Moon by Bahman Ghobadi and Crossing the Dust by Shawkat Amin
    Korki. The famous Kurdish movie director decided to visit Holland and
    we can congratulate him with his birthday (1th of February), which he
    celebrated in Holland. In related news, there are rumours that some
    people are trying to set up a Kurdish film festival in Holland this year,
    similar to the Kurdish movie festival in England.

Zulli Aladag receives the “Golden Camera”

The Kurdish director Zulli Aladag from Wan won the “Golden Camera” in
Berlin. His movie “Wut” (Anger) implicated that the German immigration
policy failed in Germany. Aladag makes German movies and lives in
Germany. The “Golden Camera” is the most important movie award in

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