Waiting for the rain / A Kurdish love story

KurdishCinema.com / April 11, 2007

By Kawa Akrawi & Huseyin Umaysiz *

Waiting For The Rain, is a pure Kurdish love
story, taking place in the heart of Kurdistan,
Hawler. The film with its dynamic characters
and cinematic vision, will capture the heart of
most people at all age.

As we have mentioned earlier this film is
using its cinematic technique to get the
peoples attention, and then face them with
there own daily reality.                                                                         
Kawa Akrawi

The base for all the social problems in Kurdistan are some how connected to the feudal
system.  In this film we presents a love story that seems to be possible at the first look, but
when we get closer to their story and the circumstances around it, we feel the impossibility of
the two lover, to make it.

    Azad try to give a love letter to Nazrin who he is deeply in
    love, but by mistake he puts it in Beritans Book. Beritan
    knows she will be punished by her family, even if they
    know the truth, so she see no way out of the live she lives
    in then a fetal and horrible suicide. We show the
    consequences of a mistake, and rise the question of what
    if it was real, what will she do then?
    And that question is answered by another question, which
    is the Azad and Nesrin love story and their attempt to run
           Huseyin Umaysız                       a  way.  Azad who wants to be an architect, is felt with guilt,
and frightened that he will become nothing then a worker, like his father. So he plan to take his
love and leave Kurdistan. Nazrin, is worried that she will be taken out of school, because what
happened to Beritan, and she will be married a way to her Cousin, so she accepts Azads
solution, to leave the country.

We then led the two lover to the direction of Mamosta Sor the ideologist who ones believed in
changing to a better live, but have done nothing then talking about it theoretically. We create this
situation where Mamosta Sor is working as a taxi driver be side his teaching job, and now he is
faced with this run a way story that he dos not know how to escape. He is forced to make a
decision, to tell them what to do?, leave them and go, or help them to find a solution, by
standing with their believes.

With this love story we are presenting different problems and their sources.  We are very sure
that such a film will be a starting point for future ideas.

* CineKurd Film Production / www.cinekurd.com