Watch Kurdish Films, page 2

By clicking the below images you can watch part of some Kurdish films.

     Yol, directed by Yilmaz Guney, 1982, Turkey,

  Duvar (The Wall), a film directed by Yilmaz Guney, 1984


The Emblem of Turkey: Kurdish question, produced by Jiyar Gol, Canada.

Struggle of Justice, Leyla Zana, a documentary by Jiyar Gol, Canada

Kurdistan, A Passage Through Iraq, directed by Jiyar Gol, Canada

                             Short Films

Feeling, a short film by Nasir Mustajarani of Kurdish Creative Film Centre in UK

Kırıntı (Piece), a short film by Arin İnan Arslan

Note: To watch the award winning short film of Arin Inan Arslan, Si u Ba (Shadow and
Wind) please click.   You have to downlaod this film to watch it

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