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* 'E`en rapport over Koerden'

A Dutch documentary "Een rapport over koerden" made in 1980. It is made by a group of Dutch
reporters about the Kurdish struggle against Khomeini's regime right after the islamic
revolution in Iran. A year ago the children had to sing "Long live the Shah, now they are singing
"I love Kurdistan". Later on they traveled over the border to the kurds who are fighting against
the Iraqi government. Including the documentary is an interview with the Kurdish spiritual
leader Sheikh Ezzedin Husseini and PUK leader Jalal Talabani. (originally 34 minutes)

Watch the full version of this Dutch documentary please click here!

* 'Good Kurds Bad Kurds'

An extract of the documentary "Good Kurds, Bad Kurds" made by the journalist Kevin
McKiernan in 2000. This part is about one of the approximately 3.500 villages in Kurdistan
demolished by Turkish military.

'Those who Face Death - Kurdistan's Peshmerga' by ChristianPayne

"Last year I took a trip with a friend, to one country sliding into civil war and another that isn't
allowed to exist. We crossed into Iraq from Turkey, over the internationally recognised border,
moving from the fringes of Europe to the Middle East. But southern Turkey is a Kurdish area,
and so is northern Iraq. Ask any Kurd and they'll say you've been in the same country all along;

* German documentary about the Yezidi / Êzîdî

This is an extract of the documentary about the religion of the Yezidi / Êzîdî, their history and
their present life in Armenia.

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