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* 'Peace for Middle East'

'Peace for Middle East' is an English movie which is directed by a young Kurdish director,
Jamal Hashemi, in Canada. The film is about a Middle-Eastern boy who loses all his family
during a brutal war in his homeland. Left without a family member to care for him and protect
him, another local family takes him into their care and brings him to Canada where they feel
he will be safe and protected under the just and humane Canadian law. Once he arrives in
Canada, he is adopted by a Canadian family and grows up cultured and socialized with
western Canadian traditions.
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* 'Delalo' directed by Beri Shalmashi, Holland 2006 / 10m / Kurdish (Sorani) and Dutch with
English subtitles.

The film is a portrait of a Kurdish refugee, Azad, who now lives in Holland. He has escaped the
oppression of his homeland but is still haunted by memories of it. Can he finally move on?
Original music: Naser Rezazi and Shahram Nazeri.

'Turtles Can Fly' by Bahman Ghobadi, 2005

"The film is set in a Kurdish refugee camp on the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of the US
invasion of Iraq. Thirteen-year-old Kak (played by Soran Ebrahim) is known as "Satellite" for
his installation of dishes and antennae for local villages looking for news of Saddam Hussein.
He is the dynamic but also cowardly, bullying and manipulative leader of the children,
organizing the dangerous but necessary sweeping and clearing of the mine fields. He then
arranges trade-ins for the unexploded mines. The industrious Soran falls for an unlikely
orphan named Agrin (Avaz Latif), a sad-faced girl traveling with her disabled but smart brother
Henkov, who appears to have the gift of clairvoyance. The siblings are care-taking a
three-year-old, whose connection to the pair is discovered as harsh truths are revealed.

The question is, what happened to these children? There are so many, will the occupation
make their lives better or worse? How could it get worse? The movie begins with the refugee
camp recovering from an attack by Turkish soldiers, then the occupation of US forces they
hope will save them. What happened to them?"

* 'Beritan' directed by Halil Uysal, Jinda Baran, Dersim Zeravanr
180m / Kurdish (Kurmanji) and Turkish

This is a clip of Beritan that is filmed in the Kurdish mountains and acted by real guerrilla
fighters. A true story of Kurdish heroine Gülnaz Karatas, nickname Beritan, who joined the
Kurdish resistance movement. She was both a poet and a resistance fighter who also fought
the wrong doings committed by some commanders within the PKK's military wing, before
dying a heroic death, throwing herself off a cliff after running out of ammunition.

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